Published April 7, 2022

Moon Knight #11 First Look Offers Khonshu a Little Prayer - and a Major Sacrifice

Khonshu's help always comes at a price, especially in this preview for 'Moon Knight' #11.

Marc Spector must be truly desperate, because he has turned to his absolute last resort in his time of need.

In a special first look at Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio's MOON KNIGHT #11, Marc finds himself trapped in an unwinnable battle with innocent lives hanging in the balance. As time begins to run out, he makes the difficult decision to ask for help – from Khonshu, the deity that gave him his powers.

The last time Marc saw Khonshu, they didn’t exactly end on friendly terms. In AVENGERS“Age of Khonshu” storyline by Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, Khonshu was haunted by visions of Mephisto’s plans for the Marvel Universe. To prepare for this dark future, Khonshu charged Marc with stealing powers from Ghost Rider, the Sorcerer Supreme, the Phoenix, Iron Fist, Starbrand and Mjolnir. 

Although Marc was (mostly) successful, it wasn’t enough for Khonshu, who went on to use this power to remake Manhattan in his image. With a little help from the Avengers, Marc realized this wasn’t the way to protect Earth, so he assisted them in defeating and capturing Khonshu. As a result, Khonshu was imprisoned on Asgard, where he continues to languish when we find him in MOON KNIGHT #11.

Nevertheless, Khonshu answers Marc’s prayers in this MOON KNIGHT #11 preview. On his knees, Marc implores Khonshu to show him the path forward. Khonshu plays coy at first, claiming his imprisonment had left him powerless, but ultimately agrees to help – for a price. 

Witness Marc Spector's prayer to Khonshu in a special first look at MOON KNIGHT #11 below!

Moon Knight #11 interior artwork by Alessandro Cappuccio

Written by  JED MacKAY 
Letters by VC’s CORY PETIT
On Sale 5/11

Check out the preview below, and be there when MOON KNIGHT #11 goes on sale May 11.

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MOON KNIGHT #11 Preview


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