Published April 25, 2017

Mosaic: To Join or Not

Writer Geoffrey Thorne considers the Inhumans’ offer to his hero!

Image for Mosaic: To Join or Not

On May 24, MOSAIC #8 finds the titular hero facing off against the Brand Corporation, Diablo, and the decision whether or not he should join the Inhumans.

No one would be better to ask if it makes sense for Morris Sackett to hook up with his fellow Terrigen-changed compatriots than MOSAIC Writer Geoffey Thorne. We gave him our ideas about why Mosaic should or should not officially enlist with the Inhumans and he politely pointed out how wrong we are.


He has long been a member of one team or another so there is comfort in that.

“I think his time with the Inhumans illustrates that Morris isn’t really a joiner,” Thorne ponders. “Even when he was playing sports, he always kept himself apart from his teammates off the court.”

During a time of big transition, it can be very helpful to be amongst those who have done it already.

“That’s true, but Morris isn’t used to owing anyone anything and it’s not a place he likes to occupy,” argues the writer.

Even with IvX being over, potential grudges still exist; it’s good to have people to cover your back.

“Well,” pauses Thorne. “Even with what was shown in the crossover series, only a tiny number of people know Morris even exists. And they’d still have to be capable of finding him to exact any revenge. Which, of course, is close to impossible.”

Becoming Mosaic cost him the only two people he really trusted. Perhaps amongst the Inhumans he can find new people to trust.

“He likes Iso,” allows the writer. “He likes Johnny Storm and he likes Lockjaw. The rest he can take or leave. Morris doesn’t trust anyone but Morris at this point in his life.”

Mosaic #8 cover by Khary Randolph


The Inhumans are not exactly stable; are his interests really best served living amongst the chaos?

“Nope,” states Thorne.

He might have been on a team, but he’s always been a star. Does Sackett really want feel more like a utility player?

“Nope,” the writer says. “That’s not Morris. Ever.”

He still doesn’t really know who he is or who he wants to be. He should figure that out before he joins anything.

“Yep,” concurs Thorne. “And his nature is not to join things so, if he did, it would take [a] pretty massive enticement.”

He still needs to figure out what exactly his father intended him to be used for. This isn’t the time for distractions.

“Morris knows precisely what the Brand Corporation has planned for him, where they planned to do it and how much money they planned to make off exploiting his current state,” the writer asserts. “It’s just a matter of time before he takes another shot at getting his body back.”

Find out what Morris decides in MOSAIC #8, available May 24 from Geoffrey Thorne and Khary Randolph!