Published March 1, 2019

New Comics Coming to Marvel Unlimited in March

See which issues are getting the digital treatment this month!

25,000 comics and growing! And even more hits are coming your way this month in Marvel Unlimited!

He’s back, Bub–it’s the RETURN OF WOLVERINE! The Mid Titan journeys back from the future in THANOS LEGACY! It’s a Cap America/Doctor Strange mash-up in INFINITY WARS: SOLDIER SUPREME! Then, cut a swath across the cosmos with the ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! Plus, the name’s Wilson, Wade Wilson, in SECRET AGENT DEADPOOL! Need a comic with chill? Try ICEMAN’s latest series!

And, stay tuned for these new additions from classic titles: X-MEN (1991) #58-61, CAPTAIN MARVEL (1968) #47-62, THING (1983) #1-22, WHAT IF? (1977) #40-47, and much more!

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Week of 3/11

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Week of 3/25

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