Published February 7, 2017

Old Man Logan: Prison Break

A look at the not-so-inescapable jails of Marvel!

Image for Old Man Logan: Prison Break

On March 8 it’s time for a good old fashioned jailbreak in OLD MAN LOGAN #19. And while an Old Man Logan, slash first ask question later style breakout promises to be an exciting one, we thought we’d take a look at what he’s up against with a glance back at some of the biggest, most dramatic, mayhem causing escapes Marvel’s top notch prisons have to offer.

The Vault – In 1997’s HEROES FOR HIRE #1, the U-Foes—Vapor, Ironclad, Vector, and X-Ray—use one of the oldest tricks in the book and pretend to be S.H.I.E.L.D agents preforming a routine prisoner transfer in order to gain access to the jail. And while this high-tech mega prison has guards with armored suits up the wazoo, hindsight tells us a system to check incoming transporter credentials may have been a good investment.

Alcatraz – During a flashback in AGE OF X: ALPHA #1 we learn that Basilisk, aka Scott Summers, served his time on Alcatraz with a number of other mutants. The warden, Arcade, removed the would-be-Cyclops’ eyelids and fitted him with a mask to control his powers—yikes—and then forcibly used Scott as the facility’s executioner. But when Basilisk gains control of his mask you can bet he opens a particularly destructive can of vengeance on the prison, killing the guards and Arcade before freeing his fellow mutants.

Ryker’s IslandPOWER MAN AND IRON FIST #9 finds Iron Fist locked up and Luke Cage is determined to figure out how to free him. While Luke waits outside the facility with Songbird and Centurius, Captain Marvel shows up with her team. Surprise, surprise, Ulysses foresaw Luke starting a massive prison break and Carol does not plan to let that happen. Luke tries to tell her he has no such plans, but because super heroes don’t always play well with others, a fight breaks out and Luke gets thrown through the prison wall causing the escape Carol wanted to prevent…that’s her bad.

Negative Zone Prison Alpha – During the first Civil War, the pro-Registration team set up a facility in the Negative Zone to house all unregistered heroes before trial. In CIVIL WAR #4, The Punisher, a surprisingly stealthy guy, swipes the plans to the prison allowing Captain America to mount an attack. When they arrive, plot twist, Iron Man and his team awaits them. But wait, double plot twist, Captain America knew the information would be leaked through Iron Man’s plant, Tigra, and he has a plant of his own: Hulkling, who just releases all of the prisoners. Dun-dun-dun!

The Raft – In 2004’s NEW AVENGERS #1, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have just disbanded when a mysterious employer hires Electro to enact a mass prison break from yet another high-security containment center for the worst of the worst super villains—and Sentry who just asked to be locked up. Electro drains power from Manhattan and overloads the entire island security system just as Spider-Woman gets done reassuring Foggy Nelson, who’s visiting the facility with Daredevil, in the most patronizing way possible that even if all of the billions of dollars worth of tech stopped working and all of the highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D agents guarding the place magically disappearing everything would still be fine; nothing like a bit of dramatic irony to set 42 of the worst criminals on Earth free.

As you can see, Logan has his work cut out for him; with competition like that it’s going to be difficult for him to clinch the title of best prison break. But you be the judge on March 8 in OLD MAN LOGAN #19!