Published February 21, 2020

'Outlawed' #1 Is Coming and There's a Big Battle to Be Fought

Preview the massive mayhem wrought by 'Outlawed'!

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Marvel's young Super Heroes are facing down the law in a new one-shot coming next month! OUTLAWED #1, written by Eve L. Ewing with art by Kim Jacinto and a cover by Pepe Larraz, throws our heroes into chaos when a new law is passed banning teenage vigilantes. The only problem is that heroes like Miles Morales and Kamala Khan still want to help -- and the Marvel Universe needs them!

OUTLAWED #1 hits comic shops on Wednesday, March 18, but you can get a preview of what the teen heroes are up against in this preview page by Jacinto with colors by Espen Grundetjern (right-click to embiggen!):

Outlawed splash page
OUTLAWED (2020) #1 preview art by Kim Jacinto

In December, Ewing told AV Club: “To me, this story isn’t just about young people being in conflict with the government, but much bigger questions about what we ask of young people, how they’re expected to be independent sometimes and subservient other times. Every era of history brings new challenges, and young people today are coming of age in the era of mass shootings, the era of the climate crisis—things that in some ways are unprecedented in history. Yet we often don’t recognize their wisdom and their insights. It’s like we get above a certain age and lose all empathy. I just wanted to explore that tension, and them being Super Heroes really ups the stakes because they’re literally out there saving lives every day, but aren’t seen as full people or full citizens. And, at the same time, maybe the law is a good idea? Maybe it really is for everyone’s protection? It’s intentionally kind of morally ambiguous.”

OUTLAWED #1, written by Eve L. Ewing with art by Kim Jacinto, goes on sale Wednesday, March 18. Pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop!

Outlawed #1