Published September 23, 2021

Look Inside 'Phoenix Song: Echo' #1

Maya Lopez embraces the power of the Phoenix Force on October 20!

Echo is now the host of one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe, and she has burning questions that demand answers. 

Still learning her new cosmic abilities—and struggling with the Phoenix’s overwhelming personality—Echo strikes out to return to her roots. But the reservation has even fewer answers than she does. And where power goes, evil follows. Someone wants Echo to fail—and unleash a power only the greatest heroes in history have been able to control. 

Embrace the might of the Phoenix Force on October 20 in PHOENIX SONG: ECHO #1!

PHOENIX SONG: ECHO #1 cover by Cory Smith
PHOENIX SONG: ECHO #1 cover by Cory Smith

Written by Rebecca Roanhorse with art by Luca Maresca and colors by Carlos Lopez, PHOENIX SONG: ECHO #1 spins directly out of Jason Aaron’s AVENGERS storyline “Enter the Phoenix.” And now this exhilarating new story will be packed with revelations about both Maya Lopez’s ancestry and the Phoenix Force mythos—as well as the debut of new heroes and the shocking return of an iconic X-Men villain...

Preview the new issue with the gallery below, then pre-order it with your local comic shop before reading on October 20!

PHOENIX SONG: ECHO #1 preview art by Luca Maresca with colors by Carlos Lopez



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