Published July 5, 2017

Psych Ward: Cassian Andor and K2SO

The duo meets the most unethical therapist in the Star Wars galaxy!

Image for Psych Ward: Cassian Andor and K2SO

Allow me to, as always, state my deep commitment to the Empire. I am honored to serve you in this capacity. Or any you should call on me for.

These two subjects were referred to me prior to their release from detention for some minor violations of laws related to smuggling and space travel. There are those in the Empire that are concerned they may be more, however, and this evaluation was an attempt to discover any evidence related to this.

To deal with the droid first, this writer must confess a significant bias. Any droid that has developed a personality of its own feels, to me, to be deeply antithetical to the purpose of droids. Given my druthers, I would recommend this machine for immediate destruction. I am told, however, that this is not an option being considered at this time.

All this having been observed, K2SO appears to lack a filter. He/It comes across as arrogant, boorish, and blunt, and seems to have little interest in humanity as a whole. While it is not impossible to imagine him lying to myself or anyone, it is difficult to imagine him committing to helping any human being or lying to protect them. Also, teamwork with such a droid seems unlikely. While it is not appropriate to guess in this field, if I was asked to, I’d say these two stop working together soon after their release, if not immediately. If they do continue to work together, it seems likely the android subject would betray his human partner as soon as convenient. Again, I do confess to a certain bias in this area though.

The other subject, on the other hand, is a very different matter. Cassian Andor presents as largely calm—although his temper can be triggered—competent and utterly closed off. He was obviously deeply resentful of speaking to this writer and often would answer in short non-elaborative statements.

Of course, he was also an about to be released prisoner. It is more than possible that his mood had everything to do with this. Indeed, what person in his place would not have some anger towards an individual asking him invasive questions and delaying his release?

That said, I strongly warn the Empire to track Andor. His answers, and method of answers, suggest a man schooled in how to tell the truth without actually telling anything and concealing important details with reflexive ease. As I said, he did exhibit a flash of temper but even that was so fleeting it is tempting to label it part of the proverbial show, a sign of being shook to trick someone into overlooking more subtle signs of deceit.

Additionally, a quick review of the limited records available for the subject indicate a weapons proficiency that would be unusual in such a small time criminal. Again, this is all just assumptions, but it seems odd such a talent would be living such a life with all the opportunities his skills would allow him.

Before making any final decisions, I recommend reviewing their intake assessment done by Doctors Duane Swierczynski and Fernando Blanco. It is available on August 9 in file STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE – CASSIAN & K2SO ANNUAL #1.

Star Wars Tim Stevens is an ethically challenged therapist whose continuity is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of.