Published April 4, 2017

Psych Ward: Pip the Troll

Before he gets back in the game, the cosmic player seeks some therapy!

Image for Psych Ward: Pip the Troll

It must be noted that this session was done under some level of distress. The client in question teleported into this writer’s office after hours and took me away to an unknown location before returning me at the end of the hour. Despite the large amount of funds deposited in the clinic’s account—ostensibly payment for the appointment—there was no agreement signed between client and therapist nor cost per session agreed on. The client was warned at the conclusion of the session not to act in such a manner again and was referred to a different therapist as it was this writer’s feeling I would be unable to treat the client in an appropriate manner given the circumstances of this first session.

Pip the Troll is, in fact, a troll. However, unlike the popular concept of the troll here on Earth as sort of an ancient faerie type creature, trolls are in fact alien beings who, nonetheless, happen to resemble the classic depiction of them. Perhaps a group of trolls visited the Earth at some time in the distant past and thus this is more than mere coincidence. The writer, however, is not inclined to explore this idea beyond this moment of idle speculation.

Client presented as a bit cantankerous with evidence of poor hygiene and what would typically be considered inappropriate attire for a therapy session. Despite being the one who initiated the session, he was often resistant to answering questions and repeatedly fell back on humor as an attempt to change the subject.

Nonetheless, over the course of the session, the writer learned that Pip had spent many years involved with what he called “The Infinity Watch”—a group of individuals dedicated to the protection of and empowered by the Infinity Stones. Pip specifically was assigned the Space Stone. Although no longer in the possession of the Stone, long-term exposure to it appears to be the reason he can now teleport entirely on his own.

His involvement with the Stone and thus the likes of Thanos and Adam Warlock proved to be a series of experiences with wildly different emotional results. At one point, Pip was given a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by the warlord Thanos which left the client essentially comatose. Shortly thereafter, Warlock literally destroyed Pip’s body and trapped his “soul” until such time as the client was able to be transferred back into the physical realm. While without body, it seems the client was able to be aware of himself and the world around him although he lacked any ability to interact with or influence it.

(As usual, this writer is treating this spiritual experience as “real” in accordance with the client’s beliefs. That said, what Pip describes as his soul sounds more like what we tend to understand as his consciousness, disembodied)

On the other side of the scale, Pip briefly experienced nearly limitless power and used it, almost immediately, to reduce another living being to a pillar of salt. Although he insists his next act was only going to be to throw himself a birthday party, the sheer lack of any kind of hesitation he experienced in deciding to snuff out another person does give one pause.

Considering the range of these experiences, it is no wonder Pip now finds himself ambivalent about whether or not he would like to re-involve himself with the complex goings-on of the known universe. While he has an opportunity to join with the so-called “Guardians of the Galaxy” and he thinks of himself as a creature of action and adventure, the client finds himself nearly paralyzed by indecision.

The therapist validated this emotional reaction and conducted some psychoeducation about why this was a fairly expected response to the decision that he is currently faced with. However, as stated in the preamble above, this therapist could no longer work with the client to explore these issues further.

Therefore, Pip the Troll has been referred to Doctors Jim Starlin and Alan Davis for his next appointment. Their progress note will be found in file GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: MOTHER ENTROPY, available in May for review.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Staff Therapist who would love to take you on a fantastic voyage. Slide, slide, slippity slide.