Published January 5, 2017

Psych Ward: Unworthy Thor

Odinson struggles with change.

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To begin with a disclaimer, this therapist has a standing policy not to question the divinity of clients who identify as deities from various pantheons until significant evidence makes that a necessity. While this writer has a previously existing therapeutic relationship with the client in question, there remains too little evidence to make contesting his assertions regarding his family line and being the former God of Thunder a therapeutically useful or appropriate choice. His history of claiming to have had multiple mortal forms and names over time is similarly not an area of focus at this time.

The client, Thor Odinson, presents in a markedly different manner than he previously did when seeing this writer. Whereas once he prided himself on his appearance and garb, he arrived to this session slightly late and looking rather disheveled. Additionally, he was not appropriately dressed for session, being shirtless, and took much convincing to put on a sweatshirt staff provided him with, only agreeing to when this writer explained that I would not see him until he did so as I would not see any client who tried to attend session not fully dressed.

As previously established, the client comes from a family rife with interpersonal conflict. Most often, this occurs between he and his adopted brother Loki or, although less often, his father Odin. The client’s current presenting problems do seem to start in the family unit this time as well. However, they are far different than those the client has previously referenced.

In short, the reveal of a secret sister, Angela, sparked a chain of events that saw the client stripped of his mystical hammer Mjolnir because he became unworthy to carry it and a new figure, a woman whose identity Odinson remains ignorant of, tapped to become the carrier of the weapon. The client has anger towards his parents for hiding his sister from his knowledge and towards his mother for what he suspects as her role in passing the hammer along to a new God of Thunder.

The hammer, however, appears to be the far bigger cause of the client’s presenting concerns. Since losing it, he has been consumed by his need to reclaim it and his full power. Consumed to the point that even a traumatic physical injury—the loss of his arm—has made less of an impact on his personal sense of well-being then the loss of Mjolnir and the title of “God of Thunder.”

As a result, the client has become both obsessed and unfocused. He seems to be thrashing about, reaching for any solution but unable to plan or consider his options. Odinson is all reactivity, no introspection or evaluation.

While, in the past, I have pointed out that despite his tremendous size and strength and his general disconnect from modern society, Odinson is capable of great thought and insight, this series of events seems to have robbed him of that ability. He has become defined by his desire; his personality, his intelligence, subsumed by it.

Before working on his concern, then, this therapist feels the client must be able to process and integrate the trauma of the event. Therefore, the current treatment plan is focused on cognitive processing and distress tolerance, in the hopes that Odinson can begin to think and act in a more integrated and personally helpful manner.

For further information on Thor Odinson and evidence of this writer’s conclusions, please refer to Doctors Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel’s report, available for review on February 1 in the academic journal UNWORTHY THOR #4.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is an Outpatient Therapist who has never claimed to be a god. Out loud any way.


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