Published September 25, 2021

Preview Captain America’s Infinity Comics Series

Jay Edidin, Nico Leon, and Dono Sánchez-Almara take Captain America to new heights in a vertically-scrolling story only on Marvel Unlimited!

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Now complete on Marvel Unlimited: Captain America: Steve Rogers has one mission: To save liberty against a racing clock. In CAPTAIN AMERICA INFINITY COMIC, a violent group has taken possession of the Liberty Bell—and demanded an audience with America’s Sentinel of Liberty... Creators Jay Edidin, Nico Leon, and Dono Sánchez-Almara present this thrilling 4-part story that pushes Rogers to the outer limits of his resolve. And takes him to entirely new heights!

Captain America_Infinity Series
Captain America takes a leap in Philadelphia!

Read this series in full, the latest addition to the Infinity Comics lineup available only on Marvel Unlimited. In addition to instant access to 29,000 digital comics, MU members gain this brand-new slate of exclusive comics content, vertically-scrolling stories designed for phone and tablet.

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“Historically, comics have been fairly print-centric—even digital-first comics have been designed with the intention of eventual formatting for print,” reflects series writer Edidin. “I appreciate that Infinity Comics are optimized specifically for digital reading and really lean into their home medium. It's also nice to be writing a comic I can read digitally!”

Captain America in Philadelphia.
Captain America in Philadelphia.
Captain America in Philadelphia.

“Jay has really great instincts for characters that too many people dismiss as ‘boy scouts’—I noticed this when he wrote Cyclops for X-MEN: MARVELS SNAPSHOTS, and it’s what made me approach him to write Steve Rogers,” says series editor Alanna Smith.

“I think Jay fundamentally understands that a character’s inherent goodness doesn’t make them boring, or weak, or irrelevant. And you can see it in the way he writes Steve: moral righteousness with a sense of humor and a backbone of steel. Nico Leon and Dono Sánchez-Almara on art were a great compliment to that too. Nico really pushed himself out of his comfort zone on this project. He’s been doing bright and upbeat books like POWER PACK and MS. MARVEL in recent years, so watching him do a shadowy espionage thriller with Dono incorporating sleek, moody colors was really exciting.”

Get your first look at CAPTAIN AMERICA’s Infinity series here, and read the series in full on Marvel Unlimited.

Captain America sneaks around a corner.
Captain America sneaks around a corner.

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