Published September 15, 2017

Remembering Len Wein

The global comic book community celebrates the life of the iconic creator.

Image for Remembering Len Wein

Additional reporting by Maggie Klimentova

The news of Len Wein’s passing rocked the comic book world this week—and people everywhere shared their stories in honor of his memory.

Writers, artists, creators, and fans spoke about how he dreamed up so many cherished characters and comics; how he enriched and influenced so many lives along the way. Wein—the man who conceived of iconic Marvel heroes like Wolverine, Storm, and Colossus—shaped generations of creators who came after him.

Beyond the emotional depth and humanity he expressed on the page, Len Wein stood as a kind, generous spirit beloved by his peers. His colleagues universally remembered his bold spirit and giving nature, his humor in the face of adversity. Their words and memories represent a testament to his legacy.


Len Wein’s legacy will endure in both the hearts of the community that celebrates him and in the characters whose stories will live on forever.