Published January 17, 2019

Rob Liefeld Returns to Marvel Comics with 'Major X'

The legendary creator introduces an original character with the six-part limited series this April!

As revealed today by Entertainment Weekly, this April, Rob Liefeld reenters Mighty Marvel Mutantdom with the six-issue limited series, MAJOR X. 

The creator of Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and some of the most storied X-Men comics in recent memory returns to the House of Ideas with a character that he's had in mind for over 25 years. And now it's ready to be unleashed.

Major X #1

Writing and illustrating issue #1, Liefeld introduces this mysterious new player into the Marvel Universe. And the X-Men are his first targets.

"This has been a very long time coming," says Liefeld. "I did two-and-a-half years on NEW MUTANTS and X-FORCE, and we had a great time, but like anybody you have stories that you didn't get to tell... This is a pretty big one. MAJOR X is a pretty giant undertaking."

"My whole thing was always to throw a pretty big wrench in the works—'the works' being the X-Men Universe," he teases. "Major X arrives from a different plane of existence—which is called the X-Istence, a safe-haven for mutants—and suddenly it's threatened and terrorized. And his home is taken from him.

"He makes the jump, in a last-ditch effort to try and save his home, and arrives in our Marvel X-Men continuity. But the first jump didn't quite land him where he needed to go, so it was pretty exciting to put him in 1991, somewhere between NEW MUTANTS #98 and X-FORCE #1," he says. "I'm literally writing the Cable and the Deadpool and the Shatterstar of my youth."

So why now? Why is 2019 the year to finally unleash a character that he's had in mind for so long? "I think everyone's seen in the last few months that the spotlight has returned to the X-Men family of books," he explains. "I can tell as a fan of Marvel Comics that the X-Men have a renewed vigor. It feels like a renaissance of ideas and energy in the X-Men office.

"And I'm putting it all out there with this one."

Issue #2 will have art by Brent Peeples, as the tale of MAJOR X continues to unravel, before legendary X-Men artist Wilce Portacio joins the creative team.

Now, listen to Rob discuss MAJOR X, his history with the X-Men, and more in his full This Week in Marvel exclusive below.

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