Published September 20, 2023

The Seasons Change for Wanda Maximoff in 'Scarlet Witch' #10

Check out new artwork from November's 'Scarlet Witch' #10 and stay tuned for what’s next for Steve Orlando's run.

It’s a new season of the witch!

Following November’s SCARLET WITCH #10, Steve Orlando’s current ongoing SCARLET WITCH series will evolve in a fascinating way this January, before ultimately returning later next year! In a few weeks, fans will discover Marvel’s exciting plans for the iconic Wanda Maximoff, but in the meantime, her coven of fans can get a sneak peek at the epic season finale of her current era! 

Since launching earlier this year, Orlando, Sara Pichelli, and Lorenzo Tammetta’s SCARLET WITCH has enchanted readers with dazzling displays of Wanda’s powers, a captivating new status quo, and spellbinding additions to Wanda’s growing rogues gallery. With jawdropping covers from Russell Dauterman, the series has remained a Marvel must-read month after month. And the Last Door isn’t closing yet!

Bold new developments are in store but first, behold Scarlet Witch’s climactic duel with her new archenemy, Hexfinder, in SCARLET WITCH #10! The vicious witch hunter has been plaguing Wanda since the start, and Wanda will hold nothing back as they finally meet on the battlefield! 

Scarlet Witch VS. Hexfinder! When chaos magic meets alchemical might, it's all Wanda can do to keep her town—and her friends—from getting caught in the crossfire. Hexfinder has sworn vengeance on all witches and won't stop until Wanda is a trophy on her wall. Wanda is one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe—but can she stand against someone who's trained her whole life to eradicate magic?

"SCARLET WITCH has been the gig of a lifetime—one that's challenged me, surprised me, and brought me together with some of the greatest collaborators I've ever been lucky enough to work with," Orlando shared. "And we're far from done—I can't wait for folks to see what we've been conjuring up next, something that celebrates a massive milestone for Wanda and her family, and explodes this current season up into something gonzo, blockbuster, and bursting with power. Wanda will return stronger, bolder, and more powerful than ever—and not alone!"

SCARLET WITCH #10 cover by Russell Dauterman

Knight’s End Variant Cover by MARC ASPINALL
On Sale 11/1

Check out all four SCARLET WITCH #10 covers along with never-before-seen artwork by Sara Pichelli, and stay tuned for a special announcement about where Wanda’s journey goes from here!

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