Published June 8, 2023

‘Scarlet Witch’ #6 First Look Pits Wanda Against Her Son, Wiccan

Get a sneak peek of ‘Scarlet Witch’ #6, where Wanda’s space adventure brings her face-to-face with Wiccan and Hulkling.

Help, Wanda Maximoff... you’re our only hope! 

Throughout SCARLET WITCH by Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli, Wanda Maximoff has dedicated herself to helping all those who come her way through the Last Door, a magical doorway that appears to those in need when they have no one else to turn to. Now, in SCARLET WITCH #6, Ganymede—an enemy of the Kree/Skrull Empire—seeks Wanda’s help in avenging her fallen sisterhood. 

Featuring artwork from artist Lorenzo Tammetta, SCARLET WITCH #6 drums up some personal drama for Wanda in her space quest to help Ganymede. The conflict of interest? Wanda’s son, Wiccan, and his husband, Hulkling, are the rulers of this same space empire that made Ganymede its enemy. Will Wanda be forced to choose between her sense of duty and her family? 

This SCARLET WITCH #6 preview opens in the Kree/Skrull throne room, with Wanda and Ganymede approaching Wiccan and Hulkling. Then, Wanda and Wiccan exchange fiery words while casting spells during a heated argument. After the dust settles, Wanda, Wiccan, and Hulkling take to the Kree/Skrull record room in search of a certain file. In the next preview page, Wanda and Ganymede stand strong, wielding their weapons and holding their position as they are encircled by enemies. Back at the Emporium, Wanda and Darcy confer over the Mysterium pendant once more. 

Get your first look at Wanda’s clash with her son in this SCARLET WITCH #6 preview below: 

SCARLET WITCH #6 artwork by Lorenzo Tammetta


Stay tuned for more news about Wanda, Wiccan, and Hulkling and be sure to pick up SCARLET WITCH #6 this July.  

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