Hailing from Hala, the mighty Kree spend eons conquering planets in their effort to become the supreme race, but pay a high price along the way.

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The Kree’s story begins over one million years ago when the ancient and noble race build an interstellar empire. As technologically advanced warriors, they frequently come into conflict with other empires—notably the Skrulls and the Shi’ar.


An Evolutionary Leap

Some say that the Kree–as well as every other race in existence–owe their existence to the Xorrians. Others believe that the pre-historic Kree were visited by the Progenitors who exposed the populace to Primagen, which helped push them along the evolutionary ladder. Either way, the Kree were later plucked from their home and subjected to an experiment that would change the cosmos forever.


Power Hungry

The average Kree is roughly twice as strong, dense and durable as an Earth human. While they may or may not have had some assistance along the way, the race evolved to become experts in war and conquest. The Kree military force has grown to be highly efficient. In addition, the Accusers sprung up, a force developed to judge criminals at home and abroad. They carry energy weapons that also act as bludgeons like the Universal Weapon or Cosmi-Rod.


Kree Supremacy

Growing evolutionarily stagnant, the Kree are constantly attempting to integrate the powers and abilities of other races into their own forces. Most importantly, a conglomeration of all of the most important Kree minds–the Supreme Intelligence (SI), a living computer that has lived over a millennia—guides and rules the entire race in the most logical way possible, even if that leads to wholesale death and destruction. While the SI rules, the Accuser Corps—led by Ronan the Accuser, AKA Ronan—acts as their police force and militia. Along the way, the Kree also develop Sentries, highly advanced androids that can be stationed on various planets.

The Kree often conduct experiments on other species—creating evolutionary offshoots such as Earth’s Inhumans—and dispatch heroes to other worlds, including Mar-Vell, AKA Captain Marvel, who becomes a hero for Earth.


The Dire Empire

Given their status as conquerors and subjugators, the Kree have not made many allies in their eons of existence. Major conflicts have arisen between them and their longtime enemies the Skrulls as well as the Shi'Ar and Earthlings. For a time, the Kree agreed to join forces with the Skrulls, forming an alliance that appears to benefit both groups.

Throughout time, the Kree experiment on a variety of different races in an effort to create Super-Soldiers to defend their empire. However, the Supreme Intelligence assessed data that implied one of these experiments would rise up and kill him, so he had all of the experimented-upon races killed. Thanks to a lack of data, though, five are left unscathed: the Inhumans of Earth, the Light Brigade, the Badoon, the Incentaurians and the Dire Wraiths. For a time, the Inhumans even took control of the Kree Empire.


Live Kree or Die Hard

Roughly one million years ago, the primitive Kree and Cotati of Hala were visited by the Skrulls, who sought a race to serve them. The Kree told each group to choose 17 of their own to travel to a remote place and spend a year proving their worth to the shape-shifters. While the Kree focused on building a huge city, the Cotati developed a massive garden. Though the Skrulls preferred the Cotati's efforts, the Kree rebelled, killing first the winners and then the Skrulls and flying off in their spaceship. The left-behind city turned out to be on the Blue Area of Earth's moon. 

The Kree took the Skrull ship and returned to Hala where they reverse-engineered the technology and began carving out their own intergalactic empire, warring with the Skrulls along the way. The Kree built a massive empire in the Greater Magellanic Cloud area and established a new capital on Kree-Lar. This imperial advancement lead to inter-breeding which began to change the look of the Kree from the original blue-skinned beings to what they refer to as pink-skinned, which look similar to Earth Caucasians.


Upon hearing that the Skrulls created a living Cosmic Cube called the Shaper of Worlds, the Kree built Supremor, the Supreme Intelligence (SI)—a living computer that contained the brains of the best Kree thinkers from all fields. Initially established to assist the government, the SI eventually took over and began developing long-term plans to make the Kree flourish, even though they reached an evolutionary pinnacle. Many Kree remain devoted to the Intelligence and some even worship him like a deity.


The Kree returned to Earth's solar system when a group of Eternals ransacked their outpost on Uranus. A scout ship returned to Hala with the deceased Arlok. After experimenting on him, the Supreme Intelligence approved plans for a contingent of scientists to experiment on Earth's human population which resulted in the creation of the Inhumans. They took their Sentry 459 robot with them to protect the explorers. The Kree eventually grew tired of the project and left, stationing the Sentry there to protect the facility should they wish to return.


This was part of a larger Kree plan to create new, powerful servants of the empire. While much of the research pointed towards only good things for the empire, one mind in the SI's database noted that all of this experimentation could eventually lead to a mind even greater than that of the Supreme Intelligence's. The scientists as well as the races that could potentially beget this eventual individual were destroyed by Accusers, though five managed to survive, each eventually developing into the Universal Inhumans. Concerned about his eventual death, the Supreme Intelligence created the Supremor Seed and bid his Accuser to hide it in his Universal Weapon. The Kree also developed the God's Whisper, a device that would give them control of cosmically powerful individuals, but Asgardian Balder Odinson, AKA Balder managed to free himself of its enthrallment and the weapon was lost for a time. 


In the modern era, the Fantastic Four were alerted to the presence of the Sentry when it defended the outpost from investigators. Though the Earthlings had assumed the Kree were dead and gone, they sent Ronan, head of the Accuser Corps, to investigate, initiating a combative nature between the two races that continues to this day. The SI sent Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) and others to the planet as part of a scheme to advance Kree evolution by integrating Earth DNA. He wasn't the only Kree on Earth, though, as Mari-Ell, AKA Captain Mari-Ell, landed years prior to assess the planet's threat level. However, she met and fell in love with native Joe Danvers, Sr. The pair had a daughter, Carol, who would go on to become the hero Captain Marvel.


The blue-skinned Kree Zarek, furious over his kind being absorbed and ignored, attempted to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence by working with Ronan to make Captain Mar-Vell appear to be a traitor. However, Mar-Vell and the Supreme Intelligence squashed their machinations. Afterwards, the Kree SI changed Mar-Vell, giving him more power, which was, yet again, part of a secret plan.


During a time when he had been unseated from power by Ronan, the SI used his mental powers to influence events on Earth that would eventually lead to Kree agents bringing Rick Jones to Hala while the war with the Skrulls reached new heights. The Supreme Intelligence used the Omni-Wave Projector to unlock Jones' human potential, a power that managed to stop the warriors in their tracks.


During the Shi'Ar's campaign against Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix, whom the Phoenix Force possessed, a Kree and a Skrull were designated as observers to the proceedings. However, Bel-Dann and Raksor began their own fight on the Blue Area of the Moon that lasted long after the trial. They were eventually nabbed by Uatu the Watcher and communicated with their leaders–the SI and R'Klll respectively–who told them that their fight would finally decide the Kree-Skrull War. The fight between Bel-Dann and Raksor carried on nut began to destabilize Attilan. When the Fantastic Four and Inhumans investigated, the two warriors teamed up against them and defeated the interlopers. With that, Uatu declared them both the winner, thus ending the Kree-Skrull war.

While hostilities between the Kree and Skrulls may have ended for a time, they began simmering before long. The Skrulls, who had lost their shapeshifting powers, took advantage of a weakened Supreme Intelligence and even managed to briefly take control of the Empire through an agent known as Nenora. An outsider, Clumsy Foulup, took over after the Skrull was found out though he was ousted by Dar-Benn and Ael-Dan who ruled as co-emperors for a time.

Not exactly a peace-loving race, the Kree were soon embroiled in another war, this one with the Shi'Ar. To end the conflict, the Shi'Ar built the Nega-Bomb, a weapon with the potential to destroy anything near the detonation point and then ripple out throughout space. Majestrix Lilandra Neramani deemed the bomb too destructive and refused to use it. The Skrulls stole it and set it off resulting in the destruction of Hala along with a thousand other solar systems. This act killed 98% of the Kree Empire. Those who survived experienced a change on a genetic level all of which was part of the Supreme Intelligence's plan to force his people to evolve. He even admitted to influencing minds from the Shi'Ar and Skrulls to accomplish this scheme. Tony Sark, AKA Iron Man, and a contingent of Avengers then attacked and purposefully killed the Supreme Intelligence with Avenger Dane Whitman, AKA Black Knight, landing the killing blow.

Having lost the war with the Shi'Ar, the Kree became a subject race of the Shi'Ar. But that would not last for long as the SI managed to download his essence to a terminal and then escape from Kree-Lar, eventually making his way to Earth where he was once more defeated. A Kree contingent called the Lunatic Legion re-established him on the Blue Area of the Moon. The Legion planned to build a huge Omni-Wave Projector intended to turn some into Kree and kill others, but the Supreme Intelligence instead wanted to simply monitor Earth, so he secretly alerted the Avengers who stopped the plot. Still on the Moon, the SI manipulated himself into a conflict between Kang the Conqueror, AKA Kang, Immortus, and a group of Avengers from throughout time to ultimately gain control of the Forever Crystal.


The SI used the Forever Crystal to allow his people the ability to evolve individually for whatever task they faced, but they appeared quite differently than the original Kree. He manipulated the Intergalactic Council to walling-off the Earth and turning it into a prison planet overseen by Ronan as part of his plan to destroy the entire planet while also re-powering his own forces. The Supreme Intelligence also presented the transmogrified Kree as a new race, the Ruul, who were integrated into the Council's plans. The Kree also used the opportunity to amass power, take Hala back and rebuild their space fleet, though the original plan to kill Earth failed. Thanks to some cosmic rearranging, the Kree have returned to their more familiar look.


Fiyero House became the leading force for the Kree after consigning the Supreme Intelligence to state of living death. Though Ronan had been framed for crimes he did not commit and was exiled, he still fought for his people–and the cosmos at large–against the Annihilation Wave. The House Fiyero saw their people as commodities only and allied themselves with Annihilus' forces. However, Ronan overthrew the traitors with some help from Super-Skrull and Praxagora. After putting the Supreme Intelligence out of his misery, Ronan became the leader of the Kree. After Richared Rider, AKA Nova, killed Annihilus, Ravenous of the Wave sued for peace and the Kree ceded several planets including Kree-Lar. The Kree reestablished Hala as the capital.

The altered Kree Empire was thrown into chaos again shortly after when Ultron harnessed the Phalanx and conquered Hala once more. Ronan overcame his enslavement and came very close to destroying Hala with an army of Sentries. Instead, the allied heroes defeated Ultron and the Kree got to work cleaning the Phalanx infection from their people.


In the wake of the Skrull's secret invasion of Earth, the Inhumans left their home planet to find their King Blackagar Boltagon, AKA Black Bolt. Meanwhile, the Earth-born mutant Gabriel Summers, AKA Vulcan, took control of the Shi'Ar Imperium. After the true Black Bolt returned, Ronan bowed to the new king and agreed to marry Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff, AKA Crystal, shortly after. Though the Kree did benefit from the Inhuman's advanced technology, many still resented being led by outsiders. The two empires went to war after Vulcan and the Imperial Guard attacked during the royal wedding, leaving the would-be groom badly beaten. The war ended when a battle between Black Bolt and Vulcan resulted in a tear in the fabric of space-time known as the Fault.


Afterwards, the new Shi'Ar leader Kallark, AKA Gladiator, unconditionally surrendered to the Kree who were then ruled by Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon, AKA Medusa. She led her people against the invaders from the Cancerverse flowing through the Fault, though half of the Kree fleet was lost in the process. Immediately after that conflict ended, Blastaar attempted to take over the floating Inhuman city of Attilan. The Annihilators–who had helped end the threat of the Cancerverse–showed up to help stop the Negative Zone denizens claims on the Kree throne.


When Black Bolt reappeared, he put Ronan in charge and had the Inhumans return to Earth. Seeking to rejuvenate the Supreme Intelligence, Ronan used the Supremor Seed in his Universal Weapon along with the brains of two different alternate reality Reed Richards’, AKA Mister Fantastic, to do exactly that. This new iteration of the big brain now possessed information from beyond his home reality. Remembering the ancient prophecy about being destroyed by the Inhuman Black Bolt, the SI demanded that the entire race be destroyed. However, when the Mad Celestials of Earth-4280 began fighting Galactus, they retreated back to Hala. Hostilities between the Inhumans and Kree came to an end when they made a mutual agreement to go their separate ways, which also annulled the marriage between Ronan and Crystal.


After a failed attempt at gaining control of the Phoenix Force, the Kree worked with representatives from other worlds, including the Avengers, to stop the Builders. Though Hala and other planets initially fell to their foes, the Asgardian God of Thunder Thor Odinson, AKA Thor's rebellious spirit spurred them to fight back. In an attempt to further bolster the Kree, the SI sent Tanalth the Pursuer to Earth to acquire the ancient weapon God's Whisper. During her search, she captured Namor MacKenzie, AKA Namor the Sub-Mariner, and brought him back to Hala. The reunited Invaders followed and managed to stop the plan to use the Whisper to turn Eternals into mind-controlled Kree warriors before returning home.


When the Black Vortex was uncovered and changed Hank McCoy, AKA Beast, Warren Worthington III, AKA Angel, and Gamora, the Supreme Intelligence sent Ronan to claim the artifact. He succeeded in doing so, but the self-proclaimed Protectors of the Galaxy attacked Hala with great power and devastation. Ronan wanted to send an Accuser Corps through the Vortex, but the SI denied the request, but the Accuser did it anyway. During the ensuing fracas, Mr. Knife blasted the planet, killing scores of Kree—including the SI–and shattering part of the planet. Some Kree refugees were taken in on Earth.


Led by alternate reality Kree Noh-Varr, AKA Marvel Boy, the Inhuman Royal Family traveled to Hala's remains where Ronan wandered the surface, recounting the names of the dead. While Crystal and Ronan hashed out their failed relationship, Noh planted his reality's Supreme Intelligence—called the Plex Seed–in SI’s corpse. This new entity, also referred to as the Extreme Intelligence began rebuilding Hala, but also kept an eye towards advancing the Kree, including failed attempts to attain the Infinity Stones.


Still, the Kree Empire continued to experience chaos. One faction developed the Vox, a way to brainwash Inhumans and turn them into mindless warriors. Though Black Bolt ended that immediate threat, a Vox later merged with pieces of the original Supreme Intelligence to create Vox Supreme, a being who attempted to manipulate Captain Marvel (Danvers) into capturing the Avengers. Vox Supreme intended to take the Kree to the next level with Earth hero DNA while also killing off the original Kree still living on Earth and other planets.


With both empires faltering, a Kree-Skrull Alliance began to gain traction amongst beings who had hated each other for centuries. When the Kree-Skrull hybrid Dorrek VIII, AKA Theodore Altman, AKA Hulkling, proved his worthiness, he became the emperor of the newly united front. The Kree-Skrull armada then flew to Earth to fight off the recently rejuvenated Cotati who wanted to destroy all non-plant life. However, it was revealed that Hulkling’s grandmother R'Klll had incapacitated the true Dorrek VIII for a time. When the true emperor managed to subdue his nefarious grandmother, he led the forces to defeating their enemy.

From there, Hulkling tried leading with moral compassion. The new empire was established in the ruins of Hala and named Throneworld II. Under this new leadership, the Kree and Skrulls faced Knull's forces, the Progenitors, a Dormammu-possessed Ego, and the Reckoning.

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The Kree control one of the oldest and most expansive empires in the entire universe. Obsessed with genetic perfection, they have long conducted experiments on species from across the cosmos, and have intentionally thrown their own empire into chaos in an effort to become the ultimate race. They are ruled by the Supreme Intelligence, a hive-mind that places rationale above all else.