Published March 15, 2017

Secret Empire: United They Stand

Marvel’s mutants come together against the threat of HYDRA!

Image for Secret Empire: United They Stand

The Secret Empire. A name that hearkens back to 1966 when it first came to light as one of HYDRA’s auxiliary organizations. Over 50 years later, the group stands poised at the brink of achieving its dream: Taking over the government of the United States with the most unlikely of heroes at its head—Captain America!

Who stands united before the Secret Empire? Would you believe, Marvel’s mightiest mutants? Only writer Jim Zub and artist Ario Anindito know more as they prepare to take readers into SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED #1. Expect the unexpected when these secrets stand revealed this June!

We spoke with Zub and Anindito for a little sneak peek of what’s to come! We know Steve Rogers has been working for HYDRA to conquer the United States, now having taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. Is it possible we could be looking at another super hero conflict with those looking to bring down the Secret Empire and those working for it? 

Jim Zub: There are multiple factions involved in this conflict and that’s exactly what our story in SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED digs into. HYDRA’s big moves create strife, both inside and out and, as much as Steve would like for HYDRA to be a unified front, the group of villains he’s assembled have their own plans for the future.

Ario Anindito: It’s a battle of good versus evil, but in terms of which heroes are involved, well—just wait and see! Shifting gears, in what ways do you see Secret Empire, and more specifically, SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED, pushing against the current status quo in the Marvel Universe? 

Jim Zub: UNITED is a mixture of high-level, political intrigue and ground-level combat between mutants and the forces of HYDRA. I’m using both well-known and obscure characters in Marvel’s mutant canon to show how these political machinations crash headlong into the day-to-day lives of people living with the ramifications of HYDRA’s grand conquest.

Ario Anindito: It’s a reality check on what’s actually happening right now on the ground between HYDRA and the mutants; how they react against each other and what comes next. The ramifications will ripple out from here to the rest of the event and the bigger Marvel Universe.

Secret Empire: United #1 cover by Ryan Stegman Visually, what excites you about SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED?

Ario Anindito: I’m a big fan of the mutants, so I am very excited to draw as many of them as possible along with how they interact with Steve Rogers and his HYDRA team. I’m also looking forward showing off some big action visuals. HYDRA versus mutants and no one is holding back! Let the good times roll.

Jim Zub: Corrupted heroes battling a mutant strike force infused with Magik—er, magic. How does SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED tie into the greater story playing out across the Marvel Universe?

Jim Zub: The SECRET EMPIRE core series shows how Steve Rogers and HYDRA have established their new order. This one-shot tie-in shows the broader effect that has on the X-titles and what each side is willing to do in order to either keep peace or destroy each other.

Ario Anindito: This issue shows how the big game will be played between HYDRA and mutantkind as the event develops. The chess pieces are starting to move and the stakes are high.

Stand against HYDRA with SECRET EMPIRE: UNITED, this June!