Published October 31, 2018

See Spider-Man's Adventure into Spider-Geddon in Our Latest Video Comic

Watch the action as the Wallcrawler throws down with Mysterio!

Available at your local comic shop right now, SPIDER-GEDDON #2 continues the biggest event to hit the Spider-Verse in years!

But before Peter Parker was dragged into the cacophonous crossover event, he was busy carrying out his everyday Spider-Man duties! As seen in the brand-new video comic below, the Web-Slinger may live in an animated world, but his headaches are about to get very real when Mysterio attacks a wax museum! 

Written by Kevin Shinick, directed by Tim Eldred, with production overseen by Eric Radomski, and featuring art by Dario Brizuela and colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, the latest video comic presents some spectacular Spidey action in the build-up to Peter Parker's grave encounters in Spider-Geddon!

Visit your local comic shop to read SPIDER-GEDDON #2 today!