Published April 10, 2020

Share Your Passion for Your Local Comic Book Store with #LoveComicShops

See what creators from across the merry Marvel Universe are saying with the hashtag!

Stan's Soapbox

It was true when The Man said it in the quicksilver summer of '67, and it's true today, True Believers. 

The mighty Marvel Universe is a place to be found in the world outside your window. And for a favored few, that window view finds not just persnickety pigeons and noisy neighbors, but over there—yeah, look, around the corner, near the five-and-dime—the humble comic book shop. It's that doorway there, the one we all once entered for the first time. And even if we didn't know it then, it was the threshold that took us home.

In case it isn't obvious, we here at the happy House of Ideas have been thinking a lot about our local comic book shops lately, and we wanted to start a bit of a back-and-forth about the spots that have meant so much to so many of us for so long.

So follow chipper Chip, ever-triumphant Tini, honored Humberto, and jolly Joe's lead...

...and use the hashtag #LoveComicShops to share your merry memories and tag a couple of cavortin' comic book comrades as you go! And o frantic ones, before you hit the road, why not fill out this bouncin' bingo card and broadcast it to boot? Have at it, heroes!


Stay tuned to for more! Pax et Justitia!

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