Published November 8, 2018

Spider-Geddon: Profiling the Inheritors - Part 2

Learn more about the villains getting tangled in the Spider-Geddon web!

As the Spider-Geddon rages across universes, the villains at the eye of the maelstrom, the Inheritors, come into sharp focus. They’re a clan or family of immortal hunters dedicated to tracking, subduing, and utterly destroying animal and human totems on every Earth, but with a particular interest in spider-beings.

The following guides will help in identifying these nasty creatures. If any Inheritors make incursion in your reality, do not engage. Please notify your local spider-hero immediately.

Jennix – First Appearance: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #33

Jennix, the Inheritors

Appearing as a somewhat older human with a sly grin and great mutton-chop sideburns, the Inheritor designated Jennix favors the same 19th century Earth-style clothing as his siblings with the addition of a set of ever-present protective goggles, but stands out from them due to his interests, proclivities, and skill-set.

Jennix lays claim to superhuman strength, stamina, resilience, and agility like the other Inheritors which come from siphoning life-energies from living creatures. His immortality stems from this practice, and he maintains it with the killing of his victims. In addition, he also possesses the ability to recognize those beings he’s touched, even across universes. Conversely, radiation will weaken him.

Those who have encountered Jennix, such as the many spider-heroes throughout the various realities, note his more civilized demeanor, something that seems to set him apart from his siblings. He views the so-called Web of Life and Destiny as a challenge to his intellect and not the game some of the other Inheritors “play” with their own prey. Jennix may be more likely found working on his experiments and machineries than at his siblings’ sides, though when it comes down to it, he exudes bloodthirstiness in earnest. One of his prominent accomplishments involves the creation and maintenance of the Inheritors’ cloning engine, a device that allows them to come back from death in new bodies. Jennix also crafted the chains used to manipulate his family’s enemy, the Master Weaver, and recently perverted Spider-Man’s spider-bots to squelch the spider-heroes’ attempt to keep the Inheritors in check and utilize them to send his brothers and sisters to Earth-616 for an assault.

Morlun – First Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30

Morlun, the Inheritors

Looking no less than a traditional Earth vampire with his pale skin, widow’s peak, evil countenance, and sharp teeth, Morlun stands as the ultimate Inheritor and the apple of his father Solus’ eye, which stirs jealousy in his siblings’ hearts. Despite his fearful appearance, he knows the meaning of true fear in the form of the prime spider-hero, Spider-Man of Earth-616.

Like his brethren, Morlun absorbs precious life-forces from living beings and channels them to the extension of his own existence, his immense strength, his incredible stamina and durability, and his great speed. Though he must concentrate at all times to be near-invulnerable to all attacks and shrinks in the face of intense radiation. While the other Inheritors also possess much of these same abilities, Morlun seems to be in greater control of his powers and may also harness the power of sustained flight.

He attacked Spider-Man of Earth-616 early on, but brushed up against the veil of death due to the hero’s great resistance to defeat at that time. Later, Morlun appeared to him on several occasions to warn him of impending doom, but again suffered a loss at Spider-Man’s hands. When the Inheritor came back again through resurrection by a Wakandan cult, he harbored a fresh, new fear and loathing for Spider-Man of Earth-616, a feeling that followed him through the months and years ahead of him. A recent battle with a spider-hero army broke down a ritual Morlun attempted to sacrifice so-called “totems,” but the evil Inheritor’s schemes seem to never truly end.

Naamurah – First Appearance: EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #3

Naamurah, the Inheritors

Like the Inheritor Daaroh, little may be known about Naamurah beyond the entity’s skirmishes with the spider-hero of Earth-31411, the Spider-Man. Though it mainly used its force of will to inhabit the body of a young woman of that Earth, it remains unknown if Naamurah may originally be considered female.

The Spider-Man fought Naamurah on several occasions on his Earth but never managed to truly defeat the Inheritor while it traveled the planet abducting humans for a greater scheme. The girl it possessed became the recipient of a walking machine created by the Spider-Man’s alter ego turned into a powerful suit of cybernetic armor. With it, Naamurah transformed into a deadly opponent possessing great strength, agility, and glowing eyes, traits passed on to its victims to create an unstoppable army to pave the way for an Inheritor invasion on Earth-31411.

Naamurah also apparently worked in tandem with Daaroh, as the Spider-Man mistook the latter for the former during Daaroh’s own infiltration of that universe.

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