Published January 2, 2019

Start 2019 with New Comics on Marvel Unlimited

Run down the list of new titles hitting MU in January!

A crop of new ongoing titles are coming your way, so now’s the perfect time to join Marvel Unlimited!

Writer Nick Spencer’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is here! Novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates picks up the shield for CAPTAIN AMERICA! Plus, Carol Danver’s full backstory in THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL and X-23 ’s fan-favorite series!

The binge worthy Marvel Digital Originals kick off, starting with CLOAK AND DAGGER and JESSICA JONES! And, 2018 breakout COSMIC GHOST RIDER comes for baby Thanos, while we proclaim DEATH OF THE INHUMANS! Plus, INFINITY WARS’ opening salvo, and love and marriage in MR. AND MRS. X!

And stay tuned for these new additions from classic series like GAMBIT (1999) #13-#24, THE PUNISHER (1987) #11-#23, EXCALIBUR (1988) #35-#41, POWER MAN (1974) #32-#47, and so much more! Get the full list right here:

Week of 1/7

Week of 1/14

Week of 1/21

Week of 1/28