Published April 19, 2017

Talking ‘Bout My Generation X

Artist Amilcar Pinna joins Jubilee and friends in a new series!

Image for Talking ‘Bout My Generation X

Not everyone can be a super-cool super hero. Some just aren’t born with the abilities to run around saving the world with epic powers. Some have eyes on their tongue, but still need some guidance when it comes to dealing with a world that fears and hates them.

That’s the basic idea behind writer Christina Strain and artist Amilcar Pinna’s May 17-launching GENERATION X series. Though it stars Jubilee in a kind of leader-teacher role, the rest of the cast includes Quentin Quire, Eye-Boy, Nature Girl, Bling!, Benjamin Deeds, and the brand new creation Nathaniel Carver.

We talked with Pinna about bringing together such an unusual team, working with Strain to put their own spin on these characters, and the joys of working with misfits of the mutant world. You’ve done team books before; what sets GENERATION X apart from some of the others?

Amilcar Pinna: The approach and mood, I think, it is more like NYX or RUNAWAYS, young characters dealing with emotions and tough situations. I like that! I loved RUNAWAYS, and working on something like GENERATION X is like a dream! This take on Generation X revolves around misfit mutants who don’t fit in anywhere else. How does that come across when they’re working together?

Amilcar Pinna: It is really challenging and fun. Every character is so well written! The chemistry between them is really fun to draw, how each one of them deals with things and situations. I’m trying to deliver those differences between characters on the pages the best that I can. Two of the more well-known members of the team are Jubilee and Quentin Quire. How do they play off of one another in both the quieter and more action oriented scenes?

Amilcar Pinna: Jubilee is more like an older sister. A tough single mom too! She can be fun but she is a tough mother and sometimes she has to make some order in the house. Also she kicks ass when needed.

Quentin is a “too cool for school” kind [of] guy and such a cool character to draw. He is powerful and sometimes does not make good judgment calls when it comes to dealing with dangerous situations, so Jubilee has to play that older sister to him. You’re also dealing with existing characters like Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds, Nature Girl, and Bling! How was it getting their looks down and putting your own spin on them?

Amilcar Pinna: I had so much fun doing studies for them. When I was doing sketches Christina helped me a lot with ideas for them, and I really relate to her ideas about clothing and personality types, so it was really fun! GENERATION X also features a new creation in Nathaniel Carver. Did you have a hand in designing him? If so what was that like?

Amilcar Pinna: Same process: I did sketches with some guidance from Christina. Like what he likes to wear and so on. Christina has a good sense of fashion, that is so nice! With this book you’re juggling mutants, adventures, drama, and even a new school set in Central Park. Do you enjoy playing with all of those elements and making them work on the page?

Amilcar Pinna: Oh yeah, this title is so much fun! I really enjoy the mutant universe and GENERATION X is the kind of work that I’ve always wanted it to do! It’s quite a nice experience! It sounds like you and Christina work well together. Does she approach scripts differently than other writers given her experience as a colorist and artist herself?

Amilcar Pinna: I believe the fact that she is a colorist and artist does change the way that she approaches the script, definitely. She has a great sense of what is going to look cool on a page! I always have fun reading the scripts and want to know what will come next! I’m loving working with her on this!

To see what Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna have in store for this new band of mutant misfits, check out GENERATION X #1 on May 17!