Published January 30, 2019

The 3 Best Marvel Comics Costumes This Week's fashion columnist highlights the best looks from today's new books!

Marvel Comics' own Emily Newcomen is our fashion columnist, an alumna of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and (like her style icon Mary Jane Watson) an extremely natural redhead.

This week’s Marvel’s Coolest Costumes focuses on change! Whether it comes in the form of a simple costume change or an entire redesign, alternatives to our favorite looks is always something I look forward to. And this week’s picks are just that!

Jean Grey - AGE OF X-MAN: ALPHA #1

AGE OF X-MAN: ALPHA #1 interior art by Ramon Rosanas with colors Triona Farrell

In AGE OF X-MAN: ALPHA #1, Jean serves her best 1960’s mod looka personal favorite of mine. She keeps true to her green and yellow color combo, but has the added classic flair of a mini dress and gloves.


UNSTOPPABLE WASP #4 interior art by Gurihiru

Nadia and the ladies of G.I.R.L. all know how to dress! We love this girly-goth look with lace detailing.


BLACK PANTHER VS. DEADPOOL #4 interior art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz with colors by Felipe Sobreiro

What happens when you mash two iconic costumes together? THIS IS WHAT! “Pantherpool” is super fun and totally lethal.

Visit your local comic shop to read these issues and more today! And tune in next week for another edition of Marvel Comics Best Costumes!