Published November 28, 2018

The 3 Coolest Costumes in This Week's Marvel Comics's fashion columnist highlights the best looks from today's new books!

Marvel Comics' own Emily Newcomen is our fashion columnist, an alumna of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and (like her style icon Mary Jane Watson) an extremely natural redhead.

Welcome back to Marvel’s Best Costumes! This week, we’re focusing on LAYERS because…well because it’s chilly out there, folks. Our favorite Marvel characters combat the chill in the most stylish of ways…

Black Cat - Amazing Spider-Man #10

Amazing Spider-Man #10 Variant art by J. Scott Campbell with colors by Nei Ruffino
Variant art by J. Scott Campbell with colors by Nei Ruffino

So…not exactly layered for the cold, BUT Felicia knows how to accessorize and complete a look. Here, she’s layered a trendy corset over her iconic costume. She’s also got that white fur to keep her warm!

Logan - Dead Man Logan #1

Dead Man Logan #1 Variant art by Superlog
Variant art by Superlog

Logan is probably one of the most low key best dressed in the Marvel Universe…do not @ me. He’s super on-trend this year with the shearling collared-leather jacket.

Riri Williams - Ironheart #1

Ironheart #1 Variant art by Jen Bartel
Variant art by Jen Bartel

Does this count as two great looks since Riri’s suit is included in this image? I think so. Riri Williams keeps it casual and cute, pairing a smart, hooded jacket over a pop of color. Bonus points for the sick sneakers.

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