Published January 8, 2019

The Black Order Strikes Once More

Black Order artist Philip Tan previews the dark team's journey in tomorrow's new issue!

What does it take to draw some of the most vile characters in the Marvel Universe? Just ask Philip Tan, the artist of the five-issue BLACK ORDER limited series, which premieres its third issue tomorrow. 

BLACK ORDER #3 cover by Philip Tan

To tease the release of the new issue, we talked to Mr. Tan about his fresh relationship with Thanos’ children, coming up with the right images for Landy’s story, and the arrival of Richard Rider, AKA Nova... 

On with the interview! What’s your personal connection to the Black Order?

Philip Tan: The Black Order is very new to me, but was conceived by some of my favorite creators. They are elements of what the audience enjoy and embrace, and that alone is something I want to learn more about. But obviously, after being part of the creative team telling their stories, Derek Landy absolutely gave me a different and entertaining experience with these characters. More than even what I initially thought! How does Derek’s writing inform your art for this series?

Tan: Derek is quite a storyteller—detailed but at the same time there is an openness to his stories that allows me to carve the pace and visuals more to how I see it progresses. And that definitely helps bring out the joy I have for the creative process. What was the most fun thing to illustrate in this issue?

Tan: It would definitely be classic characters that go in and out of the books to support this story... Ooh, cryptic! Was there anything that proved particularly difficult to conceptualize and draw? 

Tan: I think they all come with different levels of difficulty and ease in different stages of what we see in each character. But I think the hardest part is balancing and portraying power and effects with such a cast of different characters. In what ways did you aim to showcase those abilities and powers through the artwork?

Tan: Rather than trying to just keep them visually different (which was part of the answer to the last question), I think Derek brings such a unique voice to how this group of characters are new to the viewers, but still distinctively recognizable from before. And my job is to visually add to that and to make them even more convincing with the evils they bring. What can you tease about issue #3?

Tan: One word: NOVA!

Read BLACK ORDER #3 at your local comic shop on Wednesday, January 9!