Published September 4, 2018

The Complete History of the Infinity Stones: The Soul Stone

Get the critical stats behind the one that started it all!

What are the Infinity Stones? No... what are they, really?

As the INFINITY WARS are raging, we decided the time was right to break down the full history of the most powerful items in the Marvel Universe. First up? The Soul Stone...

The first to appear of all the Stones, the Soul Stone served as inspiration for all the rest. Eons ago, the six Gems (as they were then known) were an essential part of an ancient entity called Nemesis, who chose to destroy itself rather than live as the only sentient being in the universe. From its destruction came the Stones—the six key building blocks of the universe: Mind, Reality, Power, Space, Time, and Soul.

Infinity Stones

The six Stones were scattered across the galaxy until it was discovered that, when used together, they could change the fabric of the cosmos to fit the whims of their wielder. Such power tempted the likes of Thanos, the Elders of the Universe, and  the Illuminati to quest for their might. 

The first appearance of any of the Infinity Stones came in MARVEL PREMIERE #1, when the High Evolutionary gifted the Soul Gem to a newly created Adam Warlock. Warlock then used the super powers imbued from this mysterious and powerful jewel to fight for the powers of good on Counter-Earth. Shortly after, in MARVEL TEAM-UP #55, a Multiverse-shattering revelation was unveiled; there were more Gems out there! Until that point, Adam thought his was one of a kind...but he was proven wrong when two other beings, each outfitted with their own Infinity Stones, took on Warlock and Spider-Man in an attempt to snatch Adam’s Soul Gem.


All six Stones were seen later on that same year in AVENGERS ANNUAL #7, when Thanos tried to use their collective power for the first time. The Gauntlet finally came into play in the iconic 1991 event, THE INFINITY GAUNTLET. This series, following Thanos’ bid for Mistress Death’s approval by wielding the destructive might of the Infinity Stones, solidified the Stones' place as some of the most sought-after items in the Marvel Universe.

More recently, Gamora went on a long and difficult journey with the Soul Stone in the pages of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Tormented by a mysterious connection to the stone, the most dangerous woman in the universe was forced to reckon with herself in ways she never imagined before as she journeyed into and alongside the Soul Stone.


The impact of that very journey has been ground-shaking...and its still reverberating today in the pages of the ongoing INFINITY WARS.

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