Published March 20, 2019

The Many Phases of Moon Knight

Highly trained assassin, vigilante, and avatar -- Marc Spector wears a lot of hats.

Under the guise of Moon Knight, Marc Spector delicately balances a lethal brand of vengeance and an unflinching sense of justice on the edge of a blade. This week is the last supermoon of 2019 – on the spring equinox, no less – and it seemed like a great time to share some quick facts about the man under the cowl…

New Moon: A Very Particular Set of Skills

Marc Spector's previous life

Before he stalked the streets as a living weapon for the Egyptian god of vengeance, Marc Spector actively searched for his calling. At an early age he turned his back on his rabbi father, first operating as a prizefighter, and later as an active member of the U.S. Marines. The life of an organized soldier of any sorts didn’t sit with Spector, so he became a mercenary for hire.

WaXing Crescent: Divine Intervention

Moon Knight's origin

Spector and his BFF “Frenchie” made a serviceable career pulling off high-profile assassinations, and more, for the highest bidder. This type of lifestyle can go south really quickly—and by that, we mean “get you killed and left to rot in the desert.” Luckily, Spector’s friends laid him beneath a statue of Khonshu and he bargained for his life with the god of vengeance.

Third Quarter: Dollar Dollar Bills

Moon Knight

Before the whole resurrection thing, Spector made a killing as a contract soldier—both figuratively and literally. We believe “ballin’ out of control” properly describes his amassed riches. With expense as a non-factor, Spector funded Moon Knight’s technology, costumes, and gear—elevating him beyond the typical street-level crime fighter.

Waning Gibbous: Alliances

Moon Knight and the West Coast Avengers

As a being of vengeance, coming into constant conflicts becomes the norm. Through his career, Moon Knight aligned himself with a host of organizations—most prominently the West Coast Avengers. These alliances always faded, however, leaving the warrior of the moon to his own devices.

Full Moon: The Sun's for Suckers

Moon Knight fights the Sun King

Moon Knight dwells in the shadows, punishing the unrighteous with an almost unmatched ferocity. His otherworldly connections made him an aficionado of the supernatural, and his adversaries seamlessly fit into this. In his time, he’s tangled with a host of other paranormal adversaries and seemingly normal mortals who’ve strayed towards the dark arts.

Dark Side of the Moon

Marc Spector's personalities

Spector’s past groomed him with the ability to assume a number of identities. This, teamed with the powers gifted to him by Khonshu, created quite the internal struggle. Moon Knight battled bouts of insanity and multiple personalities throughout the years, always growing stronger—and stranger—in the process.

Moon Knight's personalities


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