Published August 13, 2018

The Greatest Spider-Verse Deaths Ever

Prepare for Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 with a look back at the landmark Spidey event!

SPIDER-VERSE and Spider-Punk were just the beginning, folks. This Wednesday, August 15, Earth-138's Hobie Brown returns in EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON #1 by writer Jed Mackay and artist Gerardo Sandoval!

Spider-Punk's corner of the Multiverse is under attack, but can Hobie succeed in saving the day? Or will he fail and see the reality-altering ramifications come to be? The massive tale of Spider-Geddon all begins here.

With this brand-new alternate-universe armageddon on its way, we decided to look back on the most heartbreaking, ground shaking, weirdest, and wildest Spider-Verse deaths of all time.


A Feast for the Ages: SPIDER-VERSE PART 1

Spider-Verse Part 1

After hunting for across different realities, the Inheritors sat down to a nice, fancy arachnid meal of different Spider-Men. The menu included a Peter Parker from a world where humanity colonized the moon and a Spider-Man that was more spider than man.

This gruesome, eight-legged smorgasbord helped set the stage for the rest of the grisly and grim events that would arrive throughout the SPIDER-VERSE storyline. Ouch.


Fancy Dan’s Demise: SPIDER-MAN NOIR #1

Spider-Man Noir #1

In an alternate version of 1930s New York City, a man named Peter Parker was bitten by an exotic spider that crawled out of a statue that had been smuggled into the country by someone called "the Goblin.” The arachnids then swarmed over a member of the Goblin’s crime syndicate, Fancy Dan, and killed him.

According to someone who witnessed Dan’s demise, they said, “It didn’t last long… A couple of minutes… He was dead… Swelled up like a balloon.” Yeesh.


Howl at the Moon: SPIDER-VERSE PART 3

Spider-Verse Part 3

What do you get when you cross a werewolf and a spider? The answer is unclear, but you’d probably want to stay away from whatever it is.

On Earth-13989, Karn hunted down the Spider-Wolf of the Lycansphere, just so he could return home. It did not earn him a ticket back, but it did lead to the epic image of him standing over a half wolf, half Spider-Man with gleaming red eyes.


With Great Power... Comes a Great Appetite: EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #4

Edge of Spider-Verse #4

Patton Parnell was so much like Peter Parker, and yet so different.

Yes, he got bitten by a scientifically-augmented spider, but instead of turning into a Super Hero, he turned into a bloodthirsty spider monster. First, he started eating mice, then moved on to cats, and then he finally graduated to human flesh. But humans were much more than just food for Parnell; they were also vessels for his parasitic offspring. And his next door neighbor Sara Jane learned that the hard way. Truly creepy-crawlies.


Predestination Paradox: SPIDER-VERSE EPILOGUE

Spider-Verse Epilogue

The Master Weaver is a lifetime job that only ends with death.

Throughout the SPIDER-VERSE event, readers witnessed the Inheritors use the Web of Life and Destiny to travel between realities. And by the end, the Spider-Men killed the Weaver, who turned out to be an older version of Karn. The living Karn then took the place of his older self, thus fulfilling a predestined time loop. Trippy.



Spider-Verse Team-Up #1

In one reality of the Marvel Multiverse, Peter Parker had a terrible allergic reaction to his radioactive spider bite which landed him in the hospital before triggering a hideous transformation into a hairy, many-eyed spider. Luckily, Spider-Man noir and six-armed Spider-Man were there to help.

Six-armed Spidey whipped up an antidote just in time and the spidey husk fell off of Peter’s body. While not technically a death, it killed the half-man, half-spider abomination that was nearly set loose on New York. Phew.

Prepare for more Multiverse mania with EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON #1, on sale August 15!