Published October 22, 2018

The Strangest Stranges Ever

Prep for this week's Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2 with a look at the greatest alternate universe Doctor Stranges!

This Wednesday, Gerry Duggan and Adam Kubert’s INFINITY WARS: SOLDIER SUPREME #2 presents an alternate reality where a soldier by the name of Stephen Rogers becomes a Sorcerer Supreme during World War II. This Infinity Warp mashes together the origins of both Captain America and Doctor Strange, but it got us thinking…

What are some of the coolest alternate versions of the Master of the Mystic arts across the Marvel Multiverse?

We asked the Ancient One to give us a crash course in dimension-hopping so that we could answer that question with the utmost certainty. Open your mind, and get ready to uncover some of the strangest Stranges ever!

Alternate Reality Doctor Stranges


Making her debut in the pages of SPIDER-MAN 2099 #32, Strange is a female version of the famous Doctor. Trained in the Mystic Arts, Strange prefers more modern clothing like cargo pants, black boots, and a bandana instead of a cloak; however, little additions to her outfit suggest her magical background. And when she first introduces herself, she makes a passing reference to Stephen Strange, calling him “the other guy,” stating that his medical degree was a better conversation starter.

Ducktor Strange

Quack! Quack! Our next alternate version of Strange hails from the home world of Howard the Duck. First appearing in HOWARD THE DUCK #6, Ducktor Strange is just like his human counterpart, except that he’s a duck and a Mallard of the Mystic Arts. Get it? In a different issue, however, Howard talks about how life would be a lot easier if he had super powers like a Sorcerer Supreme. On the same page, we see him shrouded in Strange’s cloak.

Sir Stephen Strange

This version of Doctor Strange is the knighted Sir Stephen Strange, living in the pages of MARVEL 1602 and serving as an advisor to the Queen of England, as well as her “master of the Queen’s medicines.” When the skies over London begin to turn blood red every day at noon, he is asked to figure out if the world is ending. He reveals that something evil and dangerous begins brewing in Jerusalem, and the care of which is placed into his hands. He is also introduced to another of the Queen’s advisors...none other than Sir Nicholas Fury.

Spawn of Strange

At the end of the first issue in the FANTASTIC FOUR: THE END #1, Reed Richards makes mention of Doctor Strange. We then transition to a temple in the Himalayas where we see Strange’s iconic red and gold cloak from the back. However, the rug is pulled out from under the reader when it’s revealed that the cape is being worn by Strange’s daughter! Stephen, now an old man with a long white beard, can be seen conferring with a crystal ball in the temple, seemingly taking on the role of the Ancient One.


Remember that time Strange became Man-Thing in MUTANT X ANNUAL #1? Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Croctor Strange

The second anthropomorphic version of the wizard on our list, Croctor Strange is a citizen of Spider-Ham’s reality in PETER PORKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-HAM #4, and is the Master of the Misfit Arts! He wasn’t the greatest at job and was even turned into a crocodile skin handbag by a supernatural villain he was attempting to thwart.

Get the latest alternate reality Stephen with INFINITY WARS: SOLDIER SUPREME #2 on Wednesday, October 24!