Published May 1, 2018

The Super Troopers Visit This Week in Marvel

Read a Super Troopers-inspired list of the finest Marvel mustaches!

Image for The Super Troopers Visit This Week in Marvel

written by Mark Buckweitz

On the latest This Week in Marvel, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, and Steve Lemme of Broken Lizard stopped by to talk about their new film, “Super Troopers 2”!

Watch the clip above, then listen to the full episode belowand get the Super Troopers’ take on the greatest mustaches in the Marvel Universe!

Inspired by their mustache talk, we thought it was the perfect time to run through our own list of some of the Marvel Universe’s finest facial haired characters! Let’s go!

General Robert L. Maverick (A.K.A. Red Hulk)
These follicles don’t run! Stand at attention for a timeless, classic mustache from this U.S.Avengers hero. This upper lip’s secret to success? It covers more land on the upper lip than the Louisiana Purchase.

Dum Dum Duggan
There’s a reason this twirling dervish of a ‘stache is the poster child for the Howling Commandos—this beauty has fans ‘round the globe screaming out for more.

Angar the Screamer
Would you expect the most eye catching aspect of someone who can make you hallucinate with a scream to be his choice of facial hair? Yes? Good, we did too.

Batroc the Leaper
Mon Dieu! This mustache will send you head over heels. This nimble flourish of a creation helps perfectly compliment the aerodynamic needs of this agile mercenary.

Cerebro…find me a mutant worthy of being pulled out of their timeline so I can get a closer look at their facial hair.

This mustache—complete with goatee—is a true classic. We’d veer off into Bishop’s dystopian timeline just to get a closer look at this beauty.

Sweet headband, dude. Your mustache is good too.

Fandral the Dashing
We know exactly what puts the “Dashing” in this Asgardian warrior’s name. This upper lip alone deserves entry into Valhalla.

J. Jonah Jameson
Spider-Man is a menace? Shaving this award-worthy ‘stache would be way more menacing. JJ, never change.

Catch “Super Troopers 2” in theaters now!