Published March 6, 2018

This June, Make Mine Marvel with Deadpool and the Sentry

Skottie Young and Nic Klein! Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto!

Image for This June, Make Mine Marvel with Deadpool and the Sentry

On June 6, DEADPOOL and SENTRY join Marvel’s list of brand-new number ones!

In the pages of DEADPOOL, writer Skottie Young and artist Nic Klein bring you the craziest tales of the regeneratin’ degenerate yet! It’s been a while since Deadpool’s had to merc to make ends meet, but things are tough all over. While Deadpool tries to get his humble mercenary-for-hire business back off the ground, a catastrophic threat so unfathomably huge, so mind-breakingly cataclysmic it defies description, is heading towards Earth, and there’s only one person who can stop it!!!

Oh no, wait, it’s…it’s not Wade, is it?

Oh, ☠☠☠☠. It’s Wade.

Deadpool #1 Cover by Nic Klein

And in SENTRY, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Kim Jacinto, the Golden Guardian returns…but is that really such a good thing?

The greatest hero that the Marvel Universe ever forgot has returned! The Sentryshining sentinel with the power of a thousand exploding sunsis back from the dead, but his troubled mind is far from finding peace. By day, he trudges through a mundane life as Bob Reynolds; at night, the Sentry soars across a gleaming, perfect skyline. But how much of the Sentry’s dual existence is real? And what of his other dark self, the Void?

Get ready for a mind-bending series will shake the Sentry, and the Marvel Universe, to its foundations.

The Sentry #1 Cover by Bryan Hitch

Read DEADPOOL #1, by Skottie Young and Nic Klein, and SENTRY #1, by Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto—both out on June 6! 

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