Published February 15, 2019

This May, Rise to New Heights with 'Giant-Man' #1

Leah Williams and Marco Castiello present the new 'War of the Realms' tie-in!

This April, the drums of war deafen and shake the heroes of Earth as the WAR OF THE REALMS begins!

Scrambling to respond to the existential threat, new forces must emerge to meet the conquering forces of Malekith... And this May, four men must join forces, undertake the impossible, and rise to monstrous heights in GIANT-MAN #1!


Written by Leah Williams with art by Marco Castiello and a cover by Woo Cheol, the three-issue limited series tells the tale of four of the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe coming together for a common—and urgent—cause.

At the behest of All-Mother Freyja, these Super Heroes must infiltrate the most savage territory of New Jotunheim: Florida!

And in GIANT-MAN #2, the mission to the Frost Giant territory gets even more complicated as the heroes must kill the patriarch of all Frost Giants himself, Ymir. But how exactly will they penetrate Laufey’s forces? By becoming masters of disguise!

Prepare for a WAR OF THE REALMS tie-in unlike any other when GIANT-MAN hits stores this May!

Pre-order GIANT-MAN #1 at your local comic shop now! Then stay tuned to for more WAR OF THE REALMS updates!