Published January 8, 2019

Thor's 11 Mightiest Weapons

It's hammer time!

Thor Weapons

Below, we take a look at the God of Thunder’s most powerful axes and mallets for smashing (and weather control).


The classic. The original. Still the best. The champ, now and forever. As you well know, only able to be lifted and wielded by the truly worthy, for most of its history that has been the Odinson. Every now and then, though, some other soul manages to hoist it above their head. Currently, that honor, and the name Thor, belongs to Jane Foster, the one true Thor of the Marvel Universe.

Ultimate Mjolnir

This one remained a bit of a mystery until the end. A manmade creation or a hammer forged by gods? Did it draw its power from science or magic? If Thor knew the truth of its origins, why did the hammer continue to work long after the power had been drained from Asgard by the Maker and his minions? Alas, the destruction of the Ultimate Universe would seem to mean these secrets will never be known.

Replica Mjolnir

Created in haste by Reed Richards, Tony Stary, and Hank Pym to arm their half robot/half clone/all bad idea Thor known as Ragnarok, this hammer proved to be a powerful tool indeed. Unfortunately, as wielded by an unhinged puppet, it also proved tragically deadly.


A battle axe favored by the current unworthy Odinson. It may not be Mjölnir but it has more that proven itself over the past few months. No longer the Thunder God or not, this Thor still has the ability to wreck shop with the best of them thanks to this impressive bit of metal.


When Eric Masterson, after serving faithfully as Thunder God for some time, finally found himself split from Odinson, the All-Father himself decided the mortal had demonstrated the kind of heroism that should not be extinguished from this world. To ensure Masterson could continue to fight crime, Odin order the creation of this mace from which the humble architect took his new alter ego’s name.


Another short-term Thor, Red Norvell did his lightning summoning and thunder bringing with Crusher, an approximation of Mjölnir also forged of Uru metal. Not currently in use, one hopes that Asgardians have found a good place to store lest it kick up trouble in someone else’s hands.


During Secret Wars, Dazzler became a Thor, a police officer of sorts of the Battleworld, and this became her weapon, bestowed upon her by the God-Emperor Doom. It seems unlikely we will ever see it again, but how cool that Dazzler had a hammer of Thor, right?!


Created by the God of Mischief himself, Loki gifted this to Storm as a part of a long con. While it gave the weather wielding mutant even more power than she already possessed, she quickly recognized that it came with strings attached and refused to be manipulated. Thus, this hammer has only been wielded twice.

Tarene's Hammer

Thor Girl’s hammer more closely resembled a mallet with its barrel shape and rounded striking surfaces. Although capable of roughly the same powers as Mjölnir, the composition of her weapon and its name remains murky. Even more so when you consider the time she ended up revealed as a Skrull during Secret Invasion. What exactly do we know about the nature of this powerful weapon?


Throg’s hammer. Small but powerful, just like the brave amphibian who wields it.


Saving the best for last, we give you the hammer of Beta Ray Bill. One of the few to not only lift Mjölnir but also then best Thor in open handed combat to keep it, Bill has proven himself time and again, a warrior of great strength, courage, and—most importantly—nobility. Odin saw this and wasted no time in casting the Korbinite hero a weapon uniquely his own.