Published February 13, 2019

Today in Marvel History: The Deadly Debut of Carnage

On February 13, 1992, Cletus Kasady transformed into the Carnage symbiote for the first time!


Twenty-seven years ago today, the Klyntar symbiote opened a new chapter in its long and dangerous history. 

Serial killer Cletus Kasady, the cellmate of an incarcerated Eddie Brock, was planning to kill his bunky that day. But when Brock became Venom in response, kicking off a chaotic jailbreak, a small smatter of symbiote spawn entered Kasady's bloodstream. And the Marvel Universe hasn't been the same ever since.


Written by David Michelinie with art by Mark Bagley, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #361 began the CARNAGE arc, introducing a story that would emerge as an instant wallcrawler classic. The brutality, backstory, and breathless action of the three-issue story moved Marvel mavens everywhere into an era of symbiote madness.


The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #361

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Less than a year after the CARNAGE arc, the House of Ideas launched the now-legendary event MAXIMUM CARNAGE, which solidified Kasady—with his symbiote powers—as one of the most deadly and dynamic Super Villains in the mighty Marvel Multiverse.

Spider-Man Unlimited (1993) #1

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What is Marvel Unlimited?

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