Published August 24, 2018

Top Dogs of the Marvel Universe

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at Marvel's favorite pups!

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Happy National Dog Day, Marvelites!

To celebrate this delightful day dedicated to perfect pet pups and pooches everywhere, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best furry friends of the Marvel Universe. From four-legged royal companions to three-headed Hades hounds, here's a handy infographic that compiles the ten dogs with the most appearances ever in Marvel Comics!

Top Dogs

With over five times the number of appearances than the next most frequently found pup, Marvel's number one furball is—of course—Lockjaw!

Standing over five feet tall and weighing in at half a ton, the giant pup made his debut more than five decades ago in 1965’s FANTASTIC FOUR #45. Born on the island of Attilian, Lockjaw may be a real dog with Inhuman abilities or an Inhuman that took a dog form when originally exposed to the transformative forces of the Terrigen Mist—the answer is unclear. But whatever his original makeup might be, contact with the Mist endowed the K-9 with a few superhuman (or superdoggie) skills—most uniquely, the ability to teleport himself and others across dimensions. Read the solo adventures of this good boy with his recent series, LOCKJAW!

After the Inhumans' best friend, the lineup includes...

  • Cosmo
    • Soviet space pup, hangs out with the Guardians of the Galaxy
    • First appearance: NOVA #8
  • Lucky/Pizza Dog
    • Kate Bishop's pal, loves—you guessed it—getting pets
    • First appearance: HAWKEYE #1
  • Forey
    • Another Inhuman dog, has a name that serves as a good reminder of how many legs he's got
    • First appearance: INHUMAN #4
  • Rambo
    • Pet friend of a man called Sleepwalker—and loves him anyway
    • First appearance: SLEEPWALKER #1
  • Sassafras
    • Beautiful beast that belonged to...Beast
    • First appearance: DEFENDERS #122
  • Cerberus
    • Hellish monster cutie that lives in the Underworld
    • First appearance: THOR #130
  • Dogpool
  • Ms. Lion
  • Deuce
    • Hilarious name, formerly owned by Foggy Nelson and now kept by reluctant owner Blind Al
    • First appearance: DAREDEVIL #361

Phew—now those are some magnificent Marvel mutts!

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