Published May 11, 2017

Uncanny Avengers: Lost in the Dark

New writer Jim Zub attempts to guide his team through Secret Empire!

Image for Uncanny Avengers: Lost in the Dark

In SECRET EMPIRE #0, many of New York City’s heroes ended up trapped in a prison made up of the Darkforce—including the Uncanny Avengers! In issue #24 of their title, the team seeks to escape from the Big Apple, and new series writer Jim Zub shared a few hints at what to expect as they attempt their breakout! So the team finds itself imprisoned in UNCANNY AVENGERS #24, which is a Secret Empire tie-in. How did they end up in this predicament?

Jim Zub: As shown in Secret Empire #0, Baron Zemo and Blackout have plunged New York City into darkness, cutting the island off from the rest of the world. The Uncanny Avengers are caught in the city and have to fight to save people and themselves from the Darkforce creatures that have been unleashed in their mystic prison. So with a team like the Uncanny Avengers, you have several unique power sets: mutant, Inhuman, and of course, the always faithful “Flame on!” courtesy of Johnny Storm. How do you possibly hold all these unique super-powered beings?

Jim Zub: The Uncanny Avengers are powerful but, caught off guard and cut off from Quicksilver and many other heroes, they’re plunged into a Darkforce invasion that will keep all of them on their toes no matter how powerful they are. Then, of course, you have Doctor Voodoo. Can’t he just cast a spell and free all his teammates?

Jim Zub: He tries just that in UNCANNY AVENGERS #24 and it has…interesting consequences that will cause even more problems for the team. Read on and you’ll see. With this being your first issue and your first time writing some of these characters, who have you really enjoyed working on thus far? Who is becoming your favorite?

Jim Zub: It’s really hard to pick a favorite because there are some many wonderful characters with histories rooted deep in the mighty Marvel Universe, but Rogue is quickly becoming a standout for me. Her strength and attitude really drives the story forward. And finally, if you were trapped in this prison, which Uncanny Avenger would you enlist to help break you out?

Jim Zub: In a Darkforce prison? Johnny Storm is a must. When darkness attacks from all sides, only the light can keep us safe.

Join the breakout efforts on June 14 in UNCANNY AVENGERS #24 by Jim Zub and Kim Jacinto!