Published January 18, 2019

Unveiling the Villain of 'Savage Sword of Conan'

Look inside Gerry Duggan and Ron Garney's brand-new series, coming February 13!

Since the beginning, Conan the Barbarian stories have been told about different periods of the hero's life. And in the five-part SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, another new tale emerges.

Writer Gerry Duggan, artist Ron Garney, and colorist by Richard Isanove tell the story, which examines a different—though as blood-drenched as ever—period of the Cimmerian's life...

Adrift at sea with no food, no weapons, and death looming near, the lionhearted Conan refuses to be subdued. But when the hero finds himself captured, he unleashes his might on an unsuspecting pirate crew…one whose dark secrets will plunge Conan on the trail of a prehistoric treasure that may prove to be his undoing.

Get ready to meet the ancient cult of Koga Thun.

'Savage Sword of Conan'

"A hallmark of the Conan stories, dating back to the original Robert E. Howard tales, is to catch up with the Barbarian in various times in his life—as a thief, as a pirate, as a pit fighter—and we’re continuing that tradition with the new SAVAGE SWORD," explains series editor Mark Basso

"Conan finds himself in a tough spot as this five-part adventure opens, and it really only gets worse for him from there, as his excursion runs him afoul of the sorcerer Koga Thun. Thun is seeking a treasure of incredible value, and as the story unfolds you’ll see how his mission, and the hunt Conan finds himself on end up raising the stakes for Conan and the city he’ll need to save.

"But Koga Thun doesn’t work alone—he has a cult that follows him, and the rituals they perform will end up impacting Conan in a way you won’t quite expect."

Dark times lie ahead for the Hyborian hero as mastermind writer Gerry Duggan has been preparing for this journey for a long time: "My first job was in 7th grade, working part-time at a comics shop that needed help going through their inventory," recalls Duggan. "I fell in love with the classic Conan material that year. To be able to play in this sandbox now is a dream come true.

"I hope it has all the hallmarks of a great Conan tale," he says. "It starts on the high seas, there’s treasure, there’s fighting, there’s a potential romance, there’s a little bit of comedy, and there’s Conan swinging all kinds of weapons at death cultist’s heads."

Get your first glimpse at new interiors for SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #1 below, then pre-order the issue at your local comic shop today!