Published December 11, 2019

Wolverine Strikes Back in 'X-Force' #3

Spoiler alert! Get a full breakdown of all the action in today's Dawn of X mag!

WARNING! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR TODAY'S X-FORCE #3, so read on at your own risk, True Believers!

Benjamin Percy and artist Joshua Cassara delivered a jolt to the Dawn of X when Professor Charles Xavier was assassinated in the pages of X-FORCE #1. A new enemy has come out of the shadows to challenge the new mutant nation of Krakoa. However, several questions remain about who created the assassins, and how they were able to pull off such an audacious hit. A few of the answers surfaced in this week’s X-FORCE #3, but the X-Men aren’t going to like what they’ve learned.

X-Force (2019-) #3

The opening pages revealed that Domino suffered a great deal of pain at the hands of her captors. They also made sure she was awake while they ripped the skin from half of her body. That ordeal also cost Domino her right eye. A man with a peacock tattoo couldn’t resist telling Domino that she was the Skeleton Key that would allow them to strike at Krakoa. The assassins had Domino’s skin grafted to their own, and used it to bypass Krakoa’s security protocols. 

Domino sometimes acts like she doesn’t care about the plight of mutantkind. In WEAPON X (2017), Domino was more enthusiastic about robbing banks than confronting the anti-mutant program itself. But the truth is that Domino cares very deeply about her people. Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat may have impersonated Domino in NEW MUTANTS (1983) #98 and the early issues of X-FORCE (1991). But the real Domino made X-Force’s mission her own, and she’s been on several versions of the team.

It’s heartbreaking to see Domino in such a state, and it’s unclear if she can make a full recovery short of dying and living again in a new body. Kid Omega/Quentin Quire was able to give Domino a respite from the pain and restore control of her body. However, the loss of the Morlock Healer may make things even more difficult for the mutants.

Speaking of which, the ancillary matter reveals that the Healer was killed when the bodies of the assassins detonated explosives that were hidden within. However, readers of the issue received a more disturbing look at what happened. The lone surviving assassin was killed by someone hidden on the island; either there’s at least one more assassin on Krakoa or there’s a traitor among the mutants. Neither prospect is particularly enticing. And unless some changes are made, Domino’s stolen skin is still a lingering vulnerability for Krakoa.

Thankfully, the Healer’s resurrection is still possible because Jean Grey and Beast were able to bring Xavier back to life. Tellingly, word of Xavier’s death had already leaked worldwide. This seems to indicate that the X-Men’s latest enemies understand the power of weaponized media. Magento was on the verge of addressing the crisis himself before Xavier intervened.

To confront this new threat, Xavier and Magento officially formed the new X-Force team. Beast, Jean, and Sage will work the intelligence side, while Wolverine, Kid Omega, and Domino will be the sharp edge of the sword. Xavier views them as “a force for good.” At the same time, their new enemies are also planning widespread anti-mutant activities that can’t be easily traced to them. On the final page, the man with the peacock tattoo calls this organization XENO, and claims “we are one and we are many.”

The shadows are gathering in the Dawn of X. And even the new X-Force may not be able to stop their agenda.

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