Published March 21, 2017

Women’s History Month: Alternate Takes

Captain America, Thor, and more get in touch with their feminine sides!

Image for Women’s History Month: Alternate Takes

Across the sprawling tapestry of the multiversal spectrum lie alternate realities where strong woman inhabit the iconic roles held by men in the traditional Marvel Universe. These women suffered or fought no less than their male counterparts for these positions of power, triumphs we seek to spotlight today with a select sampling from those universes.

Captain America: In an alternate future, Shannon Carter fulfilled a dream of honoring the original Cap by becoming the heroic American Dream. After adopting a super hero career, she actually inherited Steve Rogers’ famous shield, as well as led the Dream Team, a group of champions that eventually morphed into a future version of the Avengers.
First seen in A-NEXT #4.

Spider-Man: More than one female counterpart to the web-slinger exists throughout the realities, but one of our favorites takes the form of a Betty Brant on an alternate Earth who took a radioactive spider-bite meant for Peter Parker and transformed herself into Spider-Girl. Alas, Betty abandoned the role upon failing to stop the burglar who killed Peter’s beloved Uncle Ben.
First seen in WHAT IF? #7.

Hulk: Another Betty on another alternate Earth downed a special serum that turned Betty Ross into a female version of the gamma-spawned Hulk. In this state, she went after the mutant Wolverine to try and stop him from murdering the first Hulk, Bruce Banner. Betty battled her male counterpart as well as Wolverine before ending up in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite ferocious X-Man, a female Wolverine of sorts went by the name Wild Thing in the same possible future of American Dream. The daughter of Wolverine and the assassin Elektra, Rina Logan possessed all the agility and speed of her father, as well as a set of psychokinetic claws that resembled Wolverine’s original adamantium set.
First seen in J2 #5.

Thor: Long before the real Jane Foster picked up the hammer of Thor, her “twin” in an alternate reality found the famous artifact on a trip to Norway and became Thordis. Her accomplishments as the thunder goddess include rescuing Don Blake, stopping Ragnarok, and becoming the queen of Asgard alongside Odin All-Father.
First seen in WHAT IF? #10.

In a 2099 that may or may not happen, Cassondra Castle took on the mantle of the Punisher to honor her late father, Frank. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, her focus became teaching her son Franklin to continue the legacy, but he broke the chain after her death and let it fade away.
First seen in PUNISHER 2099 #1.

Lady Deadpool…nuff said? We thought so, too.