Published March 1, 2017

Women’s History Month: Invisible Woman

Sue Storm steps into the spotlight as we mark her fantastic feats!

Image for Women’s History Month: Invisible Woman

This March, we celebrate Women’s History Month by spotlighting some of the most iconic characters and creators from the Marvel Universe.

Sue Storm stands as a true comic book icon. In addition to helping kick-start the Marvel Universe, she’s used her invisibility and force field powers to make the world a better place for her fellow citizens as well as the family she’s built with her husband Reed Richards.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961’s ground breaking FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Sue Storm gained amazing powers along with her boyfriend Reed, her brother Johnny Storm, and their friend and pilot Ben Grimm when they flew an experimental spacecraft through cosmic rays. Before we saw the origin contained in that issue, though, a “Fantastic Four” flair went up into the New York City skies. Sue had been having tea with another woman, but went invisible upon seeing it thinking, “So it has happened at last! I must be true to my vow! There can be no turning back!”

With that, she headed out into the streets and walked through people who could feel her presence but not see her. She also hopped in a taxi and asked the cabbie to take her somewhere, but he freaked out, thinking he had picked up a ghost! Sue took that as an affirmation that her invisibility powers really worked! With all of these moves, Sue is the first member of the team to actually demonstrate her powers.

After they all met up at Mr. Fantastic’s place and the origin gets told, we found out the true purpose of the meeting: The Mole Man! The team then traveled to Monster Isle where a beast attack separated them, but they eventually discovered the villain’s plot to take over the surface world with a series of tunnels and lots of giant monsters. The team put the kibosh on that plan and left, hoping to never see Mole Man again!

In the next few issues, Sue and her squad took on a series of threats such as the Skrulls, Miracle Man, Doctor Doom, Namor, and The Puppet Master. Though the Invisible Girl may have played damsel in distress more times than any of us would like, she eventually evolved into The Invisible Woman, one of the most respected and powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Think about it: in addition to co-starring with her teammates in hundreds of issues of their own series, Sue has also played important parts in just about every major event in the Marvel Universe ranging from Galactus’ first attempt at devouring the Earth to Doctor Doom taking over reality in Secret Wars. In fact, she and Reed haven’t been seen since that huge, reality-altering event making her eventual return all the more anticipated.

The Women of Marvel

In addition to traveling through time and space to right wrongs, Sue and Reed have also developed a strong, though oftentimes troubled relationship with one another that dates back to that first appearance when they were simply dating. Their marriage in FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #3 proved the event of the century as everyone from a pre-Hellcat Patsy Walker and Tony Stark to a couple of party crashers called Stan and Jack wanted to attend. This union eventually brought two incredibly powerful kids into the world, Franklin and Valeria, who have saved the world in their own right.