Published March 17, 2017

Women’s History Month: Super-Moms

A celebration of motherhood in the Marvel Universe!

Image for Women’s History Month: Super-Moms

Being a mother takes both super strength and superpowers—two things that the female super heroes in the Marvel Universe know a thing or two about. So, what happens when some of Marvel’s most kickass lady heroes become mothers themselves? They fight, protect, sacrifice, get really good at multitasking, and prove just how powerful a mother’s love can really be.

Join us as we celebrate Women’s History Month—and all of the unstoppable mothers out there—by honoring some of Marvel’s most notable super-moms, ahead.

The Invisible Woman
It goes without saying that moms possess extraordinary multi-tasking capabilities, and Susan Storm—aka Invisible Woman—takes this real life super power to the next level. But, perhaps her most notable moment in motherhood came when her extremely powerful mutant son, Franklin, became too powerful and his father Reed Richards shut down his mind to try to control him. This proved the cherry on top for Sue—who had already begun to feel that Reed did not treat her as his equal—and she did what any strong, independent woman would do: she left Reed, quit the Fantastic Four, and took Franklin with her. Don’t mess with mama!

Jessica Jones
If Susan Storm represents the ultimate multitasker, then Jessica Jones comes in as a close runner up. Between maintaining a strong, loving relationship with Luke Cage, answering calls to the Avengers, and keeping a career in journalism, Jessica somehow manages to always put the well-being of her daughter, Danielle, first. While there have been some mishaps along the way—like the time Danielle was kidnapped by an Edwin Jarvis-disguised Skrull during Secret Invasion—Jessica continues to make sacrifices in order to keep her family safe.

Pregnancy, labor, and even an emergency C-section didn’t stop Jessica Drew—aka Spider-Woman—from fighting—and ultimately defeating—the Skrulls who had plans to wreak havoc in the Marvel Universe. Between teaming up with her fellow mothers to defeat the aliens in the Alpha Flight maternity ward/black hole fiasco, continuing to fight well into delivery, and ultimately defeating the last wave moments after she underwent an emergency C-section, Jessica Drew is a true testament to female strength.

When Crystal Amaquelin and Pietro “Quicksilver” Maximoff welcomed their baby girl, Luna, into the Marvel Universe, she showed no signs of Inhuman or mutant characteristics. That didn’t stop Quicksilver from wanting to exercise his paternal right to expose his daughter to the Terrigen Mist. But, like many mothers, Crystal wanted a different life for her daughter and ultimately convinced her ill-tempered husband to let their baby grow up normal—well, as normal as one can with powerful parents like Luna’s.