Published February 4, 2021

Writer Kalinda Vazquez Provides a Look Inside 'America Chavez: Made in the U.S.A.' #1

"Readers are going to learn quite a bit about America's past in these five issues..."

America Chavez is embarking on a brand-new adventure in AMERICA CHAVEZ: MADE IN THE U.S.A. #1! But before she moves forward, there's going to be a look back at her past. spoke with the miniseries' writer, Kalinda Vazquez, to find out about what kind of story readers will find in the first issue, which hits comics shops on Wednesday, March 3!

America Chavez is getting a five-issue solo story -- where do you want to take her, and where do we find her at the beginning?

We find America where fans last saw her, hanging out in Los Angeles -- where she's been getting QT in with her girlfriend Ramone Watts and her best friend Kate Bishop. America spends most of her time with them and the other West Coast Avengers, doing good deeds. And while this is where we start, America will end issue #1 in a very different place, one that has both deep meaning to her and a lot of baggage!

America Chavez

The first issue flashes back to America's arrival on Earth, revealing details of who found her and how she got here. Is there anything new readers are going to learn about her origin story?

Yes! Readers are going to learn quite a bit about America's past in these five issues, and specifically in the first issue we are going to meet some family members of hers that we never even knew existed!

You've worked on a variety of genre TV shows -- how did that experience help you craft this story?

Working in genre TV has definitely helped me develop my mythology building muscles. When crafting this story, it was fun to further build out America's backstory, using what we already know about her and going beyond that, too. And as in my TV work, there were some great moments of collaboration. In the early stages of this book I had the opportunity to dig deep on America with editor Annalise Bissa and other members of the creative team at Marvel and their insights were invaluable.

America Chavez
America Chavez

The interior art by Carlos Gomez is really beautiful. Was there anything specific direction you gave him about what you wanted to see?

Carlos is such a tremendously talented artist, and while he's great at depicting scale and action, I also love the more nuanced emotional moments he brings to characters -- and he really took the descriptions that I wrote in the script and ran with them -- showing how the drama of the moment played out on the character's faces in a layered way.

America Chavez

There are appearances by some familiar Marvel Super Heroes -- how does this series figure into the current situation in the Marvel Universe?

Getting to include other Marvel characters in this series was a dream come true!  America will definitely be platformed to play a large role in what is to come in the Marvel Universe after this five-issue run as well!

AMERICA CHAVEZ: MADE IN THE U.S.A. #1, written by Kalinda Vazquez with art by Carlos Gomez and a cover by Sara Pichelli, goes on sale online and in comic shops on Wednesday, March 3! Pre-order your copy today!

America Chavez Made in the USA

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