Published March 13, 2023

'X-Force' #41 Brings Quentin Quire Back with a New Look and a New Mission

In Benjamin Percy and Paul Davidson's 'X-Force' #41, Quentin Quire returns as Old Man Omega to stop Beast's dark agenda.

Kid Omega has returned, but you may want to drop the "Kid."

In X-FORCE #29, Quentin Quire appeared to sacrifice himself to stop Cerebrax, which threatened both mutantkind and their powers. Now, as announced earlier today at CBR, Quire will return in Benjamin Percy and Paul Davidson's X-FORCE #41 with a new look and a new mission: to stop Beast once and for all.

At last, Quentin Quire returns to overthrow Beast's barbaric rule! The once-Kid Omega returns to X-Force—but where has he been, and where is he taking the team? Mysteries will be revealed as Beast's dark agenda is fully exposed! (Hint: Any X LIVES OF WOLVERINE fans may want to pick this up too!)

"When we last saw Kid Omega—more than a year ago now—he had sacrificed himself to save his fellow mutants from the threat of Cerebrax (a sentient form of Cerebro that was devouring minds and powers)," Percy explained. "He vanished. Completely. All trace of him was lost from the cradles. And we were left to wonder: was he dead or...? Turns out 'or...' is the answer."

"He's been gone a lot longer than a year, as that long beard and bald head and bent back reveal. Quentin Quire has always put the Kid in Kid Omega: he's selfish, immature, prone to tantrums. But he's also deeply insecure and unable to process the trauma he's endured or properly wield the powers he's been gifted," he continued. "But Old Man Omega might be another story. He's been on a mission—a mission that spans centuries—and he's about to enlist X-Force in the fight in what might be the wildest, weirdest storyline I've written: 'The Ghost Calendars,' the perfect jumping-on point for new readers."

X-FORCE #41 cover by Joshua Cassara

On Sale 6/21

Meet Old Man Omega in X-FORCE #41 by Benjamin Percy and Paul Davidson, on sale June 21!

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