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Published September 5, 2019

5 Pets That Are the Super Heroes We All Need Right Now

Pets change our lives, so let’s save theirs!

This article is sponsored by Petco.

Pets have the superpowers to be the heroes we all need. From keeping us fit to providing social support and improving mental health, pets change our lives for the better!

The Petco Foundation is celebrating pet Super Heroes all across the country. Check out these 5 adopted Super Heroes and learn more about the superpowers they possess.

Nocona, adopted from San Antonio Pets Alive

Superpower: Adventure Generator -- she creates adventure wherever she goes.

According to research from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), dog owners have been found to engage in significantly more minutes per week of physical activity and walking than non-dog owners.

Nocona, Petco Foundation

A self-proclaimed “workaholic,” Clare was becoming increasingly obsessed with her job, disconnected from friends and family, and more and more stressed from 12-plus hour workdays. When Clare’s husband suggested adopting an outdoorsy dog that they could take on adventures, little did Clare know that it was just what she needed to bring balance and joy to her life. After adopting Nocona, Clare discovered a life full of adventures outside of work from venturing out to new hiking trails to exploring new stretches of river on kayak. Nocona helped Clare live in the present and gave her the life she was looking for all along. Read Nocona’s full story.

Sadie, adopted from Cat Town in Oakland, CA

Superpower: Strength Summoner -- she’s the strength you can count on.

Research from HABRI has found that pets positively influence many important physiological, psychological and relational benefits, including quality of life and well-being.

Sadie, Petco Foundation

Sadie had been in a few different homes before finding the one that needed her most. When Meghan spotted Sadie’s adorable nose freckles on Cat Town’s Instagram page, it was love at first sight. She went to meet her in person and signed the adoption paperwork on the spot. A few months later, Meghan transitioned to living on her own for the first time – but she wasn’t alone. Sadie stuck by her side. In a time of uncertainty, Sadie was there to comfort Meghan and fuel her strength to navigate the future. Read Sadie’s full story.

Frank, adopted from Muddy Paws Rescue in NYC

Superpower: Super Mood Booster -- he brightens the darkest days.

Pet ownership has been found to be positively associated with forms of social contact and interaction.

Frank, Petco Foundation

Molly’s doctor suggested she get a dog to help with her symptoms of depression. The first major revelation Molly had after adopting Frank, Jr. Jr. is how many people are awake and out in the world before 8 a.m. Now with Frank, Molly has discovered a whole new world of early-risers, homemade coffee and neighborhood friends that she looks forward to seeing each morning at the dog park. Although there are still tough days, with Frank’s companionship and never-ending joy they get through those days together. Read Frank's full story.

Sam, adopted from German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Superpower: Loyal Sidekick -- he fills everyday with joy.

For older adults, companion animals enhance quality of life, bringing value, meaning and worth.

Sam, Petco Foundation

George Johnson, a 93-year-old retired U.S. Navy veteran, was in need of a buddy. He adopted Sam, a 13-year-old German Shepherd and now the two are inseparable. In their golden years, George and Sam have forged a lasting friendship. Read Sam's full story.

Island, adopted from Ruff House Rescue

Superpower: Mega Motivator -- one paw in front of the other.

Studies show that dog owners engage in more physical activity and walking, and are more likely to achieve the recommended physical activity than non-owners.

Island, Petco Foundation

Curtis’ adopted puppy, Island, brought much needed activity to his life. Her spunky energy encouraged Curtis to walk her up to three times a day. With help from Island, Curtis was able to lose close to 20 pounds, but more importantly, Island made Curtis healthier and happier. Read Island's full story.

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Pets change our lives, so let’s save theirs! Adopt and you just might save a Super Hero.