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Published November 7, 2018

A Marvel Fan is Turned into a Super Hero in ‘Marvel Make Me A Hero’

Marvel fan Michelle gets to see her Super Hero alter ego in the first episode of our new weekly series!

Ever wanted to see yourself as a Super Hero? “Marvel Make Me A Hero” gives Marvel fans the chance to do just that!  “Marvel Make Me a Hero” is a brand new weekly series where we collaborate with real Marvel fans to turn them into the hero of their dreams. 

Meet our first Marvel fan, Michelle Poh O’Malley, whose Super Hero is a geologist that has the essence of a volcano and the power of fire. Michelle explains why the X-Men were an inspiration to her, and how she envisions her own Super Hero, as that hero is brought to life by comic book artist Jacob Chabot. 

You can watch the first episode of “Marvel Make Me A Hero” above and then check back each week for a new episode at the "Marvel Make Me A Hero" page on!