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Published January 27, 2022

Challenge Your Friends And Show Your Marvel Knowledge On Instagram With The Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge

The trivia sensation developer etermax teams up with Marvel Entertainment to bring fans a new way to test their knowledge about their beloved Super Hero stories.

What is Fantastic Four mailman Willie Lumpkin’s super power? What is Marc Spector’s alter ego? What colors were used for the original Daredevil suit? What is the name of the Shi’ar homeworld? Now you can test your Marvel knowledge and share with your friends on Instagram with the new Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge!

Developed by etermax, the free to play Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge invites fans in the USA to test their knowledge about everything in the Marvel Universe and show their friends and followers who’s the expert.

etermax, the international tech company behind global hits such as Trivia Crack and Word Crack, is teaming up with Marvel Entertainment to present a free-to-use trivia experience on Instagram. As Trivia Crack’s first-ever co-branded entertainment trivia filter, the Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge adapts globally acclaimed trivia dynamics with augmented reality technology and new unique Marvel Universe categories with over 300 questions to start. Super powers, secret identities, heroes, villains, and places around the Marvel Universe are put to test on the Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge’s six categories. New content is expected to be added in the following months to keep surprising fans as the Marvel Universe continues to expand.

How to play?

Fans access the free-to-use filter in Marvel's Instagram profile and start recording themselves to spin the wheel until they get their randomly selected category. The question will pop up above their heads with two possible answers that the fans will choose between by moving their heads right or left. The challenge will move on until they fail to answer, when the experience finishes showing their score. Then, they are able to share their recordings on Instagram Stories and show their followers how they did and if they are indeed a Marvel Universe expert.


Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge
Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge
Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge

What are you waiting for? Open up Instagram on your phone, follow Marvel and unlock the Marvel Trivia Crack Challenge for free, and prove that you are a Marvel expert!  Be sure to share your trivia experience on your own Instagram account, challenge friends and tag @Marvel to let us know how you scored!


Marvel Trivia Crack


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