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Published August 25, 2019

D23 Expo 2019: Disney Parks Reveals More Details about "Avengers Campus"

Spider-Man! Doctor Strange! Ant-Man and the Wasp! Even more Super Hero surprises!

The news of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure kicked things off at the D23 Expo 2019 and now on the last day of the event, Disney Parks filled Hall D23 as Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Bob Chapek unveils even more details from Disney Parks' unprecedented plans for the largest expansion in Disney history and how it can even further spark the imagination and experiences of Super Hero fans around the world.

The biggest news of the day was that Avengers Campus is set to open in 2020 at Disney California Adventure Park. The campus is set up by the Avengers to recruit the next generation of Super Heroes. The campus will feature several key addresses within the land, starting with the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, also known as "WEB". This will be the home of the new Spider-Man experience, the first Disney ride-through attraction to feature the webslinger!

Spider-Man Attraction

Visitors to WEB are welcomed by aspiring inventors who are excited to have you test drive their latest invention: the "Web Slinger" vehicle. While riding the attraction you'll be able to sling webs just like Spider-Man and gives you a glimpse of what it's like to have super powers like Spider-Man himself as you help collect Spider-Bots that have run amok.

Spider-Man Attraction

Also open at Avengers Campus will be Pym Test Kitchen. At this eatery, Pym Technologies is using their latest innovations to grow and shrink food, just like how Ant-Man and The Wasp shrink down using "Pym Particles."

Pym Test Kitchen

As you wander Avengers Campus, you'll be able to have heroic encounters with Super Heroes such as Black Widow, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and even Super Heroes from Wakanda like Black Panther and Thor and Loki of Asgard.

Avengers Campus

One of the iconic buildings on campus will be the Avengers Headquarters, where eagle eyed visitors may catch a glimpse of the Avengers along its rooftops. The Avengers Headquarters will be the future home of a brand new E-Ticket attraction that will let you step onboard a Quinjet and fly along with the Avengers on a Super Hero adventure to Wakanda. Of course what Super Hero experience wouldn't be complete without a team up as you and the Avengers take to the battlefield to save the world from one of the most power villains the Avengers have ever faced.

Avengers Attraction

Avengers Campus opens in 2020 at Disney California Adventure Park.

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