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Published September 10, 2019

Dragon Con 2019 Brought Out Marvel's Best and Brightest Cosplayers

See a gallery of the best Marvel cosplay to come out of Atlanta!

Dragon Con group shot
Photo by Nicole Ciamarella

The Merry Marvel Marching Society would be proud of the Marvelites who came out for Dragon Con 2019! At the annual pop culture convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Marvel cosplayers held a massive meetup to show off their costuming creations, take some pictures, and celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary!

Below, find a gargantuan gallery of some of the Marvel gatherings that took place -- groups of Spider-People, the Carol Corps, tributes to Stan Lee, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all your favorite Marvel characters in three dimensions as these talented artists showed off months of effort.

Carols at Dragon Con 2019
Photo by Lawrence Green

Whether you love the craft of cosplay or just love seeing real, live people bring Marvel characters to life, it's easy to conclude that Dragon Con has something for every fan!

Photos by Nicole Ciamarella and Lawrence Green