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Published October 23, 2023

East Continental Gems Opens New York City SoHo Showroom Featuring Authentic Infinity Gems

For the First Time Ever, the Marvel Infinity Gem Collection Will Be Available for Retail Purchase, Among Other Rare Pieces

infinity gems

Fourth-generation jewelers East Continental Gems (ECG), have announced October 26th as the public opening of their limited-time New York City store, ECG Concept, located in SoHo at 26 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013. For the first time ever, this unique retail experience will give fans and collectors alike the opportunity to purchase a piece of Marvel history with ECG’s series of authentic Infinity Gems inspired by Marvel’s  Infinity Stones, in-person at the ECG showroom.

“Growing up a true Marvel fan myself, our aim at ECG has been to create one-of-a-kind, Marvel-inspired gems that collectors and fans can take home and treasure,” said Adam Mirzoeff, President, East Continental Gems. “We are proud to be part of the Marvel collectible legacy and love creating unique pieces inspired by Marvel, including the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Stones, Eye of Agamotto and even more on the horizon.”

Just one of the many rare pieces on display at the New York showroom will be the never-before-seen Jarvis Series. Being officially unveiled in-person for the first time ever, the Jarvis Series exemplifies Marvel and ECG's dedication to merging beautiful gems with collector culture. The gems will be available for in-person purchase exclusively at the showroom, with pre-orders available online. Composed of 500 sets of exquisite 2-carat gemstones, Jarvis Series gems are hand-picked and expertly interpreted to mirror Marvel’s iconic Infinity Stones. Starting at $225 per gem, this collection is intended to give more fans the opportunity to own their very own Infinity Stone-inspired gemstone.


With the goal of elevating the showroom experience for guests, ECG partnered with renowned multi-media artist Catharine Czudej as their creative director. With Czudej’s vision in mind the physical space has been transformed, further immersing clients into the worlds of ECG and Marvel. The showroom will allow guests the opportunity to select and purchase various series of Marvel-inspired gems, with the opportunity to get them custom-fitted into iconic Marvel-inspired bespoke collectibles, such as mini Infinity Gauntlet statues and Eye of Agamotto pieces. Each one-of-a-kind gem is housed in a protective card with an official seal and information on its unique qualities and significance within the Marvel Universe.

ECG’s Eye of Agamotto pieces are inspired by Marvel’s powerful relic worn by the Sorcerer Supreme. This mystical artifact, a cornerstone within Marvel's storytelling, holds the power to manipulate time, create infinite loops and glimpse into limitless futures. The team’s skilled gemologists and artisans meticulously recreated this Marvel-inspired relic, capturing its beauty, as well as the elusive, enchanting essence of Time – with 24 pieces being made for their GMT Collection, representing each global time zone.


Additionally, the showroom will feature a rotation of iconic gem-themed collectibles including the one-of-one, original ECG Infinity Gauntlet – which features six rare, precious stones. Each of the stones have been chosen for their likeness to the 6 Infinity Stones:

  • Time Stone: 23-carat natural Colombian emerald with documentation from four prestigious gemology laboratories
  • Space Stone: 30-carat Madagascan sapphire
  • Reality Stone: 15-carat oval-shaped natural ruby from Mozambique
  • Power Stone: 35-carat oval-shaped natural amethyst
  • Soul Stone: Cushion-shaped spessartite, just over 35-carats
  • Mind Stone: Rectangular brilliant-cut yellow diamond, just under 35-carats


Guests can also look forward to the completion of additional one-of-kind memorabilia that are currently in development, including the Loki-inspired scepter with a 6-carat deep canary diamond as the Mind Stone, as well as an Orb piece featuring a 30-carat rare purple spinel as the Power Stone.

The store will be open to the general public, first-come first-served, with a limited number of people allowed in the store at a time, from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET, Tuesday through Friday and Sunday. Alongside standard store drop-in hours, ECG will offer reservations for private appointments and individual consultations for a more intimate experience. Expert jewelers will be on hand to discuss the unique techniques and attention to detail that go into creating each piece, providing a look into the world of gems and jewelry production, and sharing insight into the artistry and craftsmanship.

For updated times, further details, reservations, and general hours, please visit Additional announcements and activations will be coming soon.