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Published August 26, 2020

Make At-Home Learning Super-Powered with These Marvel-Themed Apps

Marvel Super Heroes can help kids learn while having fun!

At-home learning is a big part of everyone’s lifestyle now, and some clever creatives have found a way to be fun while being educational! Kahoot! is collaborating with Marvel Entertainment to create a wide collection of ready-to-play games featuring fan-favorite Marvel characters, and Marvel Hero Tales by Kuato Games is teaching young learners how to develop their storytelling and vocabulary skills using Marvel’s Super Heroes as virtual teachers.

Kahoot Marvel Collection
Credit: Kahoot!

Kahoot! Academy features an entire Marvel collection of informative quizzes, aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, that feature characters such as Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and more. The offerings span subjects from “natural sciences, physical sciences, math, STEM, history, language learning, sports science and more,” making Kahoot’s Marvel collection a great way to introduce different kinds of science to learners in “a fun, engaging and imaginative way.” You can find out more about the Marvel collection – and take the quizzes! – at Kahoot’s web site.

Kuato Marvel Hero Tales
Credit: Kuatu

Marvel’s Hero Tales is an app by Kuato Games that is available to download in the App Store. “An educational app in disguise,” Marvel’s Hero Tales helps kids ages six to 11 build their vocabulary skills through the power of storytelling. Using word cards featuring different images, young learners will “build sentences that affect the storylines” starring heroes like Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, the Hulk, and more!

If one of your school-age kids is a Marvel fan, these are great ways to supplement their regular lessons with Marvel characters and stories – putting them in the middle of the Marvel Universe as they sharpen the skills they need to be the heroes of the future!