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Published September 8, 2020

Marvel Mission Recap: Marvel-Inspired Treats

Delicious, edible, and full of frosting.

Congrats agents, you’ve successfully completed another mission — and this one was a sweet one! 

Marvel recently celebrated its 81st birthday, which means that the latest Marvel Mission was all about making and baking the perfect celebratory treat. We saw a surplus of Captain America cupcakes, along with a few clever S.H.I.E.L.D. bakery designs! And that’s not counting all the cakes honoring so many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes created via frosting and fondant! 

While it was tough to narrow down all the submissions we received, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites that we saw across social media. Take a look at the post below, and start brainstorming what you can use for the next Marvel Mission! All future missions might not be this edible though...

Marvel’s birthday might have come and gone, but you can still get in on celebrating the House of Ideas! There are plenty of ways to create your very own Marvel-inspired treats for any day of the year, whether you’re using a mix from a box or making everything from scratch! The best thing to use to create something delicious? Colored frosting! 

Creating Captain America’s shield on a cookie, cake, or anything in between is best done with red, white, and blue frosting. You can snag colored frosting, or even make your own with food coloring. Simply then pipe the frosting in Cap’s shield design, and don’t forget to add a star in the middle! Just don’t eat all the shields at once. 

Stay tuned for the next Marvel Mission! 

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